Digital Skills and Tech Festival

The Digital Skills and Tech Festival aims to increase the digital and tech skills of Stirling students, and provide insights into how they are increasingly used across all job sectors.

There will be a range of live crash course skills sessions during this 2-week festival, insight webinars introducing you to graduates working in digital and tech, online workshops to prepare you for online recruitment methods, virtual working, and wellbeing in a virtual workplace. There will also be opportunities to virtually network with companies looking for students and graduates with these skills of the future.

All sessions are advertised and available to book on TARGETconnect.


Monday 1 March

Decoding a Career in Technology (FDM) *

In today’s climate, technology influences almost everything we do. This webinar explores the importance of the tech industry in present day, looking at emerging roles and the direction the industry is moving towards.

Tuesday 2 March

The Future of Tech in Scotland and Your Role in it (Codebase)

The Scottish Government have placed the tech sector at the heart of the country's economic recovery. Where do you fit in? Barry McDonald from Codebase will provide an overview of the current state of tech ecosystem in Scotland, look at options after graduation, start-up companies, how to find a job and the value of networking.

Making Professional Connections

Led by one of our Careers and Employability Consultants, learn how to form and maintain professional connections in the digital age and the important role they can play in finding employment.

Crash Course in Excel Part 1 (FDM)

Part one of FDM Group’s Excel series exploring the fundamentals of Excel. Ideal if you're new to using the different features of Excel, or if you already have a basic understanding and looking to refresh your skills!

Insight into Careers in Digital Technologies

A panel of graduates at different stages of their career will provide an overview of their own career paths and provide an insight into their respective roles using digital technologies in the workplace.

Wednesday 3 March

Starting a new job with a virtual team (Amiqus - Tech for Good)

Spend an hour with Laura and Harry from the Amiqus team to talk about what growing tech companies look for in new recruits; about how there are many roles in a tech company beyond engineering and why career planning isn't for everyone. Harry joined Amiqus this year and started his growth marketing role from home having never met the rest of the team in person. Laura began working at Amiqus four years ago after leaving a career in politics and has always worked part-time in order to pursue her own projects.

Thursday 4 March

Insight into Wellbeing Tech with TLTech

TL Tech’s co-founder Caroline Laurenson will share some insights into how digital technologies and digital skills can be beneficial in developing smart home technologies around wellbeing. She will be joined by Mhairi Webster, a final year Psychology student at Stirling, working on a project with TLTech. Mhairi will share some details of her project and what she is learning from her experience of working in tech. Caroline will share some inspiration on how you can carve your own unique career path and maybe even look at a tech start-up as an opportunity to accelerate your own learning.

An Introduction to Data Science (Part 1) - What is data science? From data collection to predictive analytics

A data scientist collects past data to predict future events. In this session, we provide a fast-paced introduction that explores some key concepts that you will need to understand in order to work as, or alongside, data scientists. Concepts include: What does a data scientist do? What is Artificial Intelligence? How does machine -learning work? When can it go wrong? What are the ethical considerations of AI?

Wellbeing in the Virtual Workplace (Barclays)

This session will cover what wellbeing is, ways to prioritise our wellbeing, and how we can support our wellbeing while working and studying in a virtual environment.

Crash Course in Excel Part 2 (FDM)

Part two of FDM Group’s three-part Excel series will expand on the fundamentals of Excel by going into demonstrating the value of various Excel Functions. They will take you through aggregation functions, logic functions and look-up functions. Ideal if you're new to using the different features of Excel, or if you already have a basic understanding and looking to refresh your skills!

Developing and Articulating Skills

Led by one of our Careers and Employability Consultants, find out how to make the most of opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development and how to articulate this in applications.

Friday 5 March

Tech Opportunities with EY

This session will focus on EY’s Tech & STEM related graduate opportunities for Sept 2021. You will hear about different roles across the Scottish offices with a focus on Edinburgh. You will also find out about EY as an organisation, details on the application process and how to be successful before finally getting your chance to ask questions through the student Q&A.

Crash Course in Excel Part 3 (FDM)

The final part of FDM Group’s three-part Excel series Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and how to create your very own interactive Excel Dashboard using Excel Formulas! Book your place now if you’re interested in taking your knowledge of Excel to another level!

Monday 8 March (International Womens Day)

My Journey in the World of Tech - International Women's Day Event (Kelly Gardner, Codebase)

Kelly Gardner, Community and Programme Manager at Codebase Stirling (our local tech hub) is an alumnus of the University of Stirling with a PhD in English Literature. This webinar will provide an insight into her journey into the world of tech and provide tips on what can you do now to prepare yourself for the world of work through networking, events, and developing your personal brand. Kelly will also talk about the value of being part of a tech community, and why more women should consider getting involved.

Tuesday 9 March

Crash Course in HTML & CSS (FDM)

FDM Group will help you explore the fundamentals of HTML and CSS by going through the building blocks that make up the websites you visit every day! This session is ideal if you're completely new to coding.

Decoding a Career in Technology (FDM)

In today’s climate, technology influences almost everything we do. This webinar explores the importance of the tech industry in the present day, looking at emerging roles and the direction the industry is moving towards.

Information Services presents...Making the Most of Office 365

Did you know that being proficient in using everything Office365 has to offer is one of the key graduate skills identified by employers? This 1-hour session will give you an overview of Office365 and show you what it has to offer. We will talk about how you can get the most out of the free Office365 you have access to as a student at University of Stirling by looking at OneDrive, PowerPoint, To-Do and more, both on desktop and through your browser.

Wednesday 10 March

Codebase Stirling 'Unfiltered' Online Networking

Join Codebase for the March edition of their monthly Unfiltered coffee morning via Zoom. Get cosy with a morning cuppa and join members of the Codebase team, start-ups from their hub locations in Stirling, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and others within the Scottish tech, creative and business ecosystem interested in making connections. You never know where it could lead!

Meet the Recruiter - PwC

If you’re ready to apply to one of PwC’s programmes, are midway through the application process, or just have some general questions you’d like to ask their recruitment team, this drop-in session is your opportunity to speak with one of their team through their new virtual platform, PwC’s Virtual Park.

Technology innovation and how it benefits companies (KMsoft)

Interested in finding out how technology innovation can help improve the efficiency of organisations? Michelle Lansdowne from local SME KMsoft will give you a quick 30min insight into how new technology benefits companies and how to make innovative use of existing technology. Great for students who want to create new technologies as well as those interested in finding out more about technology innovation.

Technology for consumer engagement and inclusiveness (KMsoft)

Michelle Lansdowne is Marketing Manager for local SME KMsoft. This short 30min webinar will provide an insight into the way in which technology can be used for consumer engagement and how it addresses the issues of accessibility and inclusiveness. This session may be of particular interest to students looking to work in data analysis, digital marketing and digital media.

Effective Applications

In a competitive job market, having a standout application and CV is even more important. Learn more from one of our Careers and Employability Consultants about what employers are looking for and how to structure your applications.

Video and Virtual Interviewing (FDM)

Join this session to find out more about what you will face at both video and virtual interview stages of the FDM Group recruitment process. We will give you top tips about self-presentation and making the most of yourself virtually as well as how to succeed at strength-based interviews.

Thursday 11 March

Information Services present...Blogging with WordPress

This session will cover the basics of using WordPress (one of the most widely used platforms for site development in the world). Including how to set up a site, how to design a simple site structure and how to use media (legally) in your site. If you are interested in setting up your own site, or blogging in the workplace, then this session is for you.

Tech Skills in the RAF

Join 2 personnel from the Royal Air Force (RAF), one from an Engineering side and the other from an Intelligence side, for an online Q & A session about tech skills in the Royal Air Force and the jobs that these skills are relevant for.

An Introduction to Data Science (Part 2) - Creating a machine learning model in an hour (with no coding)

This practical will use software that allows you to create ‘drag and drop’ machine learning models without the need to code – no technical experience is necessary! In this, we will create a model that inspects previously observed cases of breast cancer and create a model that can then diagnose future cases with a high degree of accuracy.

Crash Course in SQL (FDM)

Think coding is too hard? Think again. This session will provide you with an insight into SQL - a coding language any data enthusiast should have in their skillset. FDM Group will provide you with a dataset and show you how to query and manipulate using an example business case.

Introduction to Virtual Assessment Centres (Enterprise)

Virtual Assessment Centres are the new norm, like it or hate it, they are here to stay. On that basis best to get ahead of the curve. Graeme Butler, Talent Acquisition Marketing Specialist for Enterprise, shares his top tips before inviting participants to gain some real-life virtual assessment centre experience by completing a virtual task.

Information Services presents...Microsoft Teams in your studies and workplace

As we move more towards flexible working, Microsoft Teams is going to be a key skill in collaborating and communicating with your fellow students and colleagues. This 1-hour session will first quickly cover the basics and move onto talking about the powerful collaboration tools hidden inside that will take your Teams abilities to the next level.

Insight into E-Commerce Careers

E-commerce in the UK has developed into one of the biggest channels within the retail sector. It is now easier than ever to shop and buy products online, with purchasing possibilities continually developing and

adapting to keep up with the growth of e-commerce demand and advancing technology. As a result, jobs are growing fast in this area and the career opportunities are more exciting than ever.

With a panel of 4 guest speakers, all e-commerce business professionals, this webinar will provide you with an insight into e-commerce businesses, the types of jobs in the sector, and the skills and experience required to compete successfully.

Friday 12 March

Virtual Assessment Centres - Digital In-Tray Exercise (Enterprise)

Are you looking to upskill in the types of tasks you may face when completing a virtual assessment centre? Graeme Butler from Enterprise shares an overview of the types of tasks you will face before giving you first-hand experience of completing an assessment centre style task in a virtual setting.

Crash Course in Python (FDM)

An introductory session by FDM Group for those looking to learn the basics of programming in Python. There will be a practical demonstration for this event to allow you to follow along.

Sponsored by FDM