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Your emotional wellbeing

We want you to feel like you can 'just ask' whenever you’re facing questions or challenges at university. This is especially true where your mental health and emotional wellbeing are concerned, so if the pressures of studying lead you to feel anxious or in need of a helping hand at any point, we’d encourage you to simply reach out for the support we can offer.

Dedicated support

Student Support Services operates a counselling and emotional wellbeing service on campus. Our qualified counsellors and mental health professionals are here for you throughout your time at Stirling. Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to help.

Mental health condition

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition and would like to know about the kind of support you can get during your studies, we have a dedicated Mental Health Student Adviser who is on hand to help. We want to make sure all our students get the most out of university life, and we provide a range of assistance services that you can benefit from after starting at Stirling. 

Current students can start the process of connecting with our Mental Health Student Adviser by filling out our Initial Identification of Needs form.

One at a Time therapy

A counselling session to support you to develop strategies or ideas to help you with your greatest concerns.

  • What is One at a Time Therapy?

    One at a Time Therapy is evidence-informed, student-focussed counselling. The focus of the session is on your greatest worry, challenge or difficulty, and what you want to achieve from your session. You should leave your session with helpful ideas or strategies to try out. One at a Time Therapy can be a helpful way to manage your immediate concerns.

    Our counsellors will help you to get the most out of your session. One at a Time Therapy is collaborative and responsive; it focusses on your key concerns and goals, and you and your counsellor will work together on strategies for change.

  • For what issues can One at a Time Therapy be helpful?

    One at a Time Therapy can be used for a wide range of issues, from anxiety to improving relationships, grief and loss, mental health issues, life changes and managing stress. In a One at a Time session, we can offer a contained and immediate response to your most pressing concern. While the session will focus on your greatest concern, this therapy can still be suitable for students with multiple or complex issues. So you may have a lot going on in your life, but still find a One at a Time session helpful.

  • What can I expect to happen during my One at a Time session?

    When you register for the service, you will be sent a pre-session questionnaire to fill in. This will help you and your Counsellor to find out more about your main concerns and goals for your session. Please complete this before your session; if this is not complete before the session you will need to spend time during the session completing this.

    If you feel the session was enough to meet your needs then you will not have another session booked, with the understanding that you are welcome to re-contact us at any point in the future.

    How to register with Student Support Services

  • Making an appointment

    If you're a current University of Stirling student and would like to access our service, please complete our Student Support registration form. We'll ensure you receive the most appropriate support for your needs. We will treat you with dignity and respect, uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and offer you non-judgemental support to help you better understand your feelings and emotions.

Other sources of support

As well as offering counselling and wellbeing services on campus, there are a number of trusted support services we recommend to students. Take a closer look at a full list of helplines, websites and apps that are available to help you through mental and emotional challenges.

See support available

More Information for current students

Helpful information about coping with exam pressure, settling into university life and more for current University of Stirling students. 

Confidentiality and Data Sharing

We respect the privacy of everyone who uses our University Support Services. Take a closer look at our full documentation on Confidentiality and Data Sharing.

Contact us

Stirling campus

Students can connect with us by dropping into the Student Services Hub at the Queens Court entrance of the Cotrell Building, by calling + 44 (0) 1786 466022 or by emailing

Highland campus

Students on our Highland campus can connect with Counselling and Wellbeing Services by calling + 44 (0) 1463 279802 or emailing

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