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Tutorials and workshops

All students are welcome to use Student Learning Services. You may find our sessions and resources particularly useful if you:

  • are in your first year of study
  • are making the transition from college to university
  • have been out of education for some time
  • are finding your studies particularly challenging
  • are studying in the UK for the first time

What we're able to do:

  • advise you on effective study skills
  • work with you to develop new learning strategies 
  • suggest tools to make your studying more efficient
  • suggest practical solutions if you feel overwhelmed by assignment work
  • help you build academic confidence and make learning enjoyable

Quick Queries by email

Brief advice can be emailed to you through our ‘Quick Questions’ service. Questions can be about any aspect of your learning, studying or academic work but should take no longer than 15 minutes to address.

No booking is required. Email us at and responses will be provided on a daily basis. 

We canWe cannot
Answer any quick questions you have Read whole assignments
Explore practical solutions to study issues Proof-read work
Give you some generic feedback on an assignment Edit work
Check you are on track Comment on what grade you'll get
Refer you for additional support if necessary  

Study Skills workshops

We offer a series of Study Skills workshops throughout term time. The workshops are designed for undergraduate students in their first or second year of study. However, any student who feels that they may be useful is welcome to attend. The final workshop this semester will be delivered remotely on Wednesday 25th March 2020. 

Spring 2020 Study Skills workshops






Wednesday 22 January

14.00 - 15.00

Managing your time Good time management is necessary for you to pace the workloads, to ensure your assignments are handed in on time and to minimise last minute panic. This workshop will explore issues around time management and procrastination and discuss some practical solutions for the times when things get busy. Cottrell 2B76

Wednesday 29 January or Wednesday 5 February

14.00 - 16.00

Essay planning and writing In this workshop we look at getting started on essay assignments. We show you how to deconstruct a question, research the topic and plan out a basic essay structure. We also look at what makes a good introduction and conclusion and how to write a focused paragraph.




Thursday 30 January  13.00 - 14.00 Dissertation writing 

This workshop is aimed at students who are thinking about their final year dissertation. We will consider what a dissertation is, ways of approaching dissertation planning and strategies to ensure you stay focused and efficient.

Cottrell 2A73
Wednesday 12 February 14.00 - 15.00 Referencing and how to avoid plagiarism

This workshop will consider why referencing is important and more importantly, how to use evidence and reference. We will include short interactive exercises to help you explore and understand some of the issues around plagiarism and how to avoid it. We will focus on the Stirling Harvard style of referencing but the workshop will be useful whatever style you are using.

Cottrell 2B76
Wednesday 26 February 14.00 - 15.00 Presentation skills

At some point in your course you will probably be expected to give a talk. This workshop discusses how to structure an excellent presentation, choose appropriate visual aids and keep to time. We will also consider strategies for overcoming nerves.

Cottrell 2B129


25 March

14.00 - 15.00

Revision strategies

Being successful in studying is often about thorough preparation. This workshop looks at effective and efficient ways to tackle revision. 

Online, via BigBlueButton

Booked tutorials

Tutorials are conducted remotely and are available to all students. Typically these are about an hour in length and involve advice, guidance or feedback which can be delivered by email or virtual link. To arrange an appointment, please contact us at   

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