How to register and set up your app

If you have any problems or queries please see our FAQ, or you can contact your moon champion or email us on

You can also find out how to manually upload or email us your miles.


Got your phone ready? Then let's sort this!

You need to download the Walk to the Moon app and then sync it up with an app or device like a Fitbit that will record your data.

Don't forget to use your University email address.


Find and download the app.

Go to the app store and search for Netpulse. On Android the app will be MyFitnessApp. On Apple it'll be Netpulse Fitness app.

Download the app and select 'Open'.


You'll be asked for your fitness facility.

Type in 'Stirling'.

Apple will ask to 'Allow downloading 196KB of additional resources so that you can enjoy the latest app design'.

Click 'Allow'.


Click 'Log in / Sign-up' and create an account.

Don't forget to use your University email address so that we can work out prizes for departments and teams.


Now that you've set up the app, time to connect.

Use 'Connected Apps' to connect an app or device that will record your data. 


Sign up to the challenge in the 'Challenges' section.

That's it! Congratulations!

Grab your crackers and start walking to the moon because "everybody knows the moon is made of cheese..." (Wallace and Gromit).