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The Moon Champions are ready to help you with signs-ups, information and any other queries to help you walk to the Moon.


Contact Details
Column one lists names, column two lists faculties or services, column three lists email addresses.
Name Faculty/Service Contact
Fiona McMillan Internationalisation and Partnerships
Diane Davidson Faculty of Natural Sciences
Jacqui Lenaghen SACS
Gemma Ryde Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport
John Rogers Research and Innovation Services
Natalie Murray HR and OD
Jill Allan CMR
Wendy Macdougall Principal, Deputy Principals & Uni Sec Offices
Natasha Collinson Faculty of Social Sciences
Lesley Morrison Commercial Services
Elizabeth Robertson Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Lisa Holman Estates and Campus Services
Tanya Cairns Estates and Campus Services
Aleksandra Webb Stirling Management School
Joanne Fairbrother Stirling Management School
Jane Wild Finance
Eileen MacDonald Information Services
Elaine Shepherd Students Union


Contact Details
Column one lists names, column two lists courses, column three lists years of study, column four lists emails.
NameCourseYearEmail address
Laura Blomqvist
Gill Thayne Sport and Exercise Science
Monica Hofvind Criminology and Sociology (Social Science) 2
Daniel Cockroft MSc Psychology of Sport  Postgraduate
Sara Vecchi Sport Studies