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Health and fitness: from Aquacise to Zumba

From Aquacise to Zumba we offer an excellent variety of exercise classes, fitness groups and leisure activities for all levels of fitness and experience.

We’re confident that you’ll find something to enjoy.

The classes


A shallow-water-based workout that trains the heart and lungs and tones the whole body, using the natural buoyancy of the water to reduce stress and impact on the joints.


A deep-water-based workout using floatation aids. This low impact, jogging exercise class is great for toning the whole body and injury rehabilitation.


A non-contact session, based on the techniques in boxing. It'll get you super-fit in a high intensity workout combining resistance training and aerobic exercise.


A fun easy-to-follow dance workout with rave glow sticks set to a soundtrack of old and new club hits. Bringing a night out to your workout!


Burn calories on our state-of-the-art Technogym indoor cycle bikes. A highly effective cardio and
strength workout. Ride through hills, flats and sprints to the rhythm of the music.

Functional Circuits

Tackle those tough daily activities with ease by taking part in a fun and exciting mix of both cardiovascular and resistance challenges. Bring a friend and see what the craze is all about!


High Intensity Interval Training combines intense bouts of exercise with short recovery periods. Focus on endurance, strength, power or a combination of everything. Torch maximum calories in a minimum amount of time!


A high-intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training, designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete.

Designed by a former marine, this is a class in which you can be sure to push your limits.


Swing into strength by using the diverse kettlebell to challenge your stamina, muscular endurance, co-ordination, speed and flexibility.


Legs Bums and Tums – target those lower body problem areas with a body toning and sculpting class that incorporates a mix of high and low impact moves.

PiYo Live

Sweat, stretch and strengthen – all in one low-impact, music driven, body-sculpting workout. 

Pump it Up

This class uses barbells to strengthen the entire body. A selection of weights makes the class suitable for all, and will challenge all major muscle groups.


A form of aerobic exercise using an elevated platform (the step) to tone your lower body and improve balance and co-ordination. A great calorie burning workout for all abilities.

Super Circuits

Super-set your way to fitness with this fast-paced full body workout. Power through multiple stations to complete challenging exercises that target every muscle group.


Suspension training, body weight exercises that will develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, TRX will help you to move better, feel better, and live better.


Join the Party! Zumba is a great way to condition your body to some funky music and moves from around the world.

Classes timetable

Please note we have new locations for our fitness classes. Studio 1 and Spin Studio are located on the new gym floor. Studio 2 is the old indoor cycle studio located next to the squash courts.

*Yoga and Pilates are not available as part of membership and a charge will be payable at time of booking.

  • Monday


    Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    12:10-12:40 HIIT Endurance Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    12:10-13:00 Yoga* Studio 2 Sandy
    12:15-13:00 Step Spin Studio Jenny 
    12:50-13:30  Aquajog  Swimming Pool Andrea
    13:00-13:45 Yoga* Studio 2 Sandy
    13:00-13:45  TRX® Sports Hall Fiona 
    17:15-18:00  LBT  Studio 1 Jenny
    17:15-18:00  Super Circuits Sports Hall Fitness Officer
    18:05-18.35  Metafit™ Studio 1 Ashleigh 
    18:30-19:15  Cycle Spin Studio Jenny
  • Tuesday

    Express Cycle

    Spin Studio Janice
    12:10-12:40 HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    12:50-13:20 Aquacise Swimming Pool Andrea
    13:00-13:45  Kettlercise Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    17:30-18:15  Cycle Spin Studio Fiona
    17:40-18:25  Boxercise Studio 1 Kayleigh
    18:35-19.25  Pump It Up Studio 1 Phyllis 
    18:40-19:25  Cycle Spin Studio Kayleigh
    19:30-20:20 Yoga* Studio 2 Jenny


  • Wednesday

    Express Cycle

    Spin Studio Fitness officer
    07:30-08:15 Pump It Up Studio 1 Phyllis
    12:15-12:45 HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    12:30-13:15  Clubbercise® Studio 2 Jacqueline
    13:00-13:45 TRX® Sports Hall Catherine
    13:15-14:00 Zumba Studio 1 Jacqueline
    17:15-18:00  Kettlercise Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    17:30-18:15 Cycle Spin Studio Janice
    18:15-19:10 Yoga* Studio 2 Sandy
    18:30-19:15 Cycle Spin Studio Ashleigh
    19:15-19:45  Metafit™ Studio 1 Ashleigh 
    19:15-20:00  Aquacise Swimming Pool Andrea


  • Thursday

    PiYo Live®

    Studio 2 Phyllis
    12:15-12:45 HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    12:30-13:15 Pump It Up Spin Studio Phyllis
    17:15-18:00  Functional Circuits Sports Hall Catherine/Fiona
    18:30-19.15  Boxercise Studio 1 Kayleigh
    18:30-19:15  Cycle Spin Studio Catherine


  • Friday


    Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    11.40-12.25 Zumba® Studio 1 Jacqueline
    12:15-12:45 HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    13:10-14:00 Aquajog Swimming Pool Andrea
    13:15-14:00 Yoga* Land Con Room Sandy
    17:15-18:00 Kettlercise Studio 1 Catherine/Fiona
    18:00-18:45 TRX® Sports Hall Catherine/Fiona


  • Saturday
    09:15-10:00 Cycle Spin Studio Jenny
    10:15-10:45  HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer
    11:00-12:00 Zumba® Sports Hall Andrea
  • Sunday


    Spin Studio Fitness Officer
    15:00-15:30 HIIT Studio 1 Fitness Officer



Sports Centre members Free
Non-members £4.50

Booking details

Members can book seven days in advance:

  • online
  • in person at reception
  • or by calling us on 01786 466900

Non-members can book in to classes in person or via telephone up to one day in advance.

Bookings can be made up to five minutes before the start of the class to ensure the start of each class isn't interrupted.

Participants in our classes must be aged 16 or over.


If you are booked on to a class and are unable to attend, please cancel your booking by calling the Sports Centre so that we can offer out your space. If you fail to attend three booked classes without cancelling in advance, you will be unable to pre-book on to classes for one week. 

To book contact University of Stirling Sports Centre

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