Using the gym and fitness classes

Things to know before you arrive

Temporary gym opening hours

In order to facilitate our breadth and volume of programmes, the gym will open for general use from 12pm, Monday - Friday. We understand this is not ideal for everyone, but it is a temporary solution and we appreciate your patience as we progress to opening the new facilities.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 12pm - 9.30pm
Saturday - Sunday 9.30am - 7pm

Temporary gym and class prices

The temporary gym will operate on a pay-as-you-go basis and be assured that all existing memberships will remain frozen and extended during this period (members will be contacted on this matter separately). Please note prices may vary for yoga and pilates.

UserPrice per session
Student £1
Non-student £3


  • All gym sessions and on-site fitness classes in our temporary gym are available on a pay-as-you-go basis and must be booked in advance via our brand new app or online portal. Users can book up to seven days in advanced and can book one gym session a day. Find out how to book your session or class.
  • There are allocated gym session times to facilitate a stringent cleaning regime throughout the day with a dedicated cleaning period after every session. The facilities will also receive daily deep cleans outwith opening hours. Read more about what we’re doing to keep everyone safe.
  • Due to the limitations, our temporary services and facilities are only available to University of Stirling students, staff and existing community sports centre members (including memberships that expired during the closure period).
  • Please do not come to the facilities if you feel unwell in any way.

On arrival

  • The entrance will remain the same for gym users and there will be socially distanced spaces along the building for any queuing.
  • Fitness class attendees are asked to go to the sports hall externally, by the side of the building, to minimise traffic through the main gym hall. Accessible access to the sports hall will still be possible via the main gym entrance.
  • Face coverings are compulsory when entering the gym and sports hall but can be removed once you arrive at your work space and begin your session. Users can continue to wear their coverings during their workout if they prefer.
  • Please come ‘workout ready’ as there will be no changing facilities available. There will be toilet provision but we would ask users to try and use a bathroom before they arrive at the gym if possible.
  • Only small drawstring bags (or smaller) are permitted in the gym. Please note there is no storage or lockers available for larger bags.
  • There will be no water fountains available so users must bring their own water.
  • To avoid gatherings outside of the gym, we ask that you only arrive at the start time of your booking.
  • You will be checked-in at the entrance but please have your booking confirmation to-hand on your device just in case.
  • All users will temperature-check on arrival. This will be with either our main freestanding thermal reader or a portable device. Entry will be denied if you are found to have a high temperature of 37.8C or above (a verification reading will be taken to ensure accuracy).
  • You will be provided with a personal cleaning kit to help you clean-as-you-go during your workout. Read more about our cleaning measures.

When in the gym

  • Please follow the one-way system which is in place to manage movement around the gym.
  • Every piece of equipment has been designated its own ‘working space’ to ensure physical distancing is maintained as much as possible. We appreciate your efforts to respect the spacing that is in place.
  • Two members of the same household can train together in the same working space.
  • As well as your personal cleaning kit, we have cleaning equipment available at most workstations, and hand sanitiser at key locations around the gym. We ask that each piece of equipment is cleaned before and after each use. Read more about our cleaning measures.
  • Organised group training sessions are not permitted and spotting or assistance is only allowed for those from the same household or accessible users (see more below about accessible access).
  • If you feel unwell whilst in the facility you must immediately report this to a member of staff and leave the facility.
  • Please respect other gym users and limit your time on each piece of equipment so that others can make the most of their time in the gym.
  • Please do not bring a sweat towel to the gym, we will provide plenty of cleaning equipment and bins in which to dispose of cloths and paper towel.
  • We ask you do not wear medical gloves in the gym as they can actually increase the risk of contamination and should only be used by staff carrying out extensive cleaning duties.

Leaving the gym

  • The gym exit will be via the fire door at the bottom corner leading out to the athletics track. At the end of your session, please follow the one-way system to the exit.
  • As there may be a number of people trying to leave at the end of a session, please wear your face covering and continue to maintain physical distancing when exiting.

Attending classes

  • All on-site classes will be held in the sports hall with access acquired by the side of the gym building.
  • Please follow the one-way system in place to access and depart the sports hall.
  • Face coverings must be worn on arrival for the class and on departure. They can be removed when you are in your working space.
  • The majority of classes will be delivered with minimal or no equipment, except for Indoor Cycling, with any equipment being cleaned accordingly before and after use.
  • Each user will be given their own working space to ensure physical distancing and we ask that the spacing is adhered to throughout your visit. Unfortunately this means high fives will need to be air fives for now!
  • Online classes will continue to be available in their current format but will move into our new virtual platform which you can read about more about on our re-opening page. We will keep you posted in advance of any changes.


Our facilities continue to be fully accessible and, physical distancing is not required where a participant with a disability requires functional support to enable their participation in physical activity and sport. This support can be provided by a coach or other individual. In such circumstance the responsible individual should consider appropriate mitigating actions such as wearing appropriate PPE, limiting the duration spent in close proximity, or a combination of actions.