Making the Most of Masters

Are you from a business or organisation? Do you have research or projects you would like to do but simply do not have the time or resources? Do you have data in need of analysis or interpretation, or simply have some good ideas that need investigating?

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The Making the Most of Masters (MMM) initiative can link you with Masters students with the skills and drive to undertake this work usually during the summer months of June to August.

Students can be based at your business location, the University or a mixture of both locations, where they would undertake research on your behalf that is written-up as part of their degree. Projects can be developed from a range of sectors, linked to a wide range of postgraduate taught degrees.

What's involved?

There’s a degree of flexibility within projects, so all aspects can be discussed and tailored for your individual needs. Broadly, you’ll be required to provide:

  • A Project Proposal – including details on how a collaborative project will support your organisation. Your proposal can be developed by yourself or in collaboration with staff and/or students.
  • A supervisor/mentor to plan and manage project progress, provide business context and student guidance before and throughout the project. There will be an academic supervisor at the University to help refine project specifics and ensure academic rigour.
  • A Project Agreement is used to ensure that all parties develop a transparent understanding of responsibilities, governing regulations and desired outcomes. It's developed in advance of the project.
  • An evaluation of your experience at the end of the project and possibly some input into marketing initiatives, such as developing a case study.

Benefits to you

Working with a postgraduate student on a collaborative project can be beneficial to your business or organisation in many ways.

  • Greater links between industry and universities can be created. The MMM project offers an ideal opportunity to work together, sharing knowledge and expertise that can lead to consultancy, continuing professional development and knowledge transfer opportunities.
  • It’s cost effective for you as the project forms part of the Masters student's degree assessment, so the students do not require payment.
  • Businesses previously involved in MMM have highlighted that collaborative projects provide an excellent opportunity that can reduce the costs and risks of recruitment. It also provides the opportunity to address the skills gap often identified by employers.
  • The project can provide fresh insights to your business area. Students can provide different perspectives to problems.
  • Helps you to meet Corporate and Social Responsibility objectives with the opportunity to raise public and community profile.

Case studies and collaborators

Take a look at our case studies and collaborators to see the benefits students and businesses have gained from taking on an MMM project.

MMM toolkit

We’ve developed a toolkit, including a Project Proposal Form to help you get started.

One of the main reasons for deciding to progress with a Masters at the University of Stirling was not only the strong reputation of the course, but also the opportunity to carry out my dissertation with the Making the Most of Masters scheme. This offers vital experience often missing from similar courses, giving graduates a competitive edge and increasing employability.

Katrina Shiells
University of Stirling
MSc Environmental Management

Would you be willing to support an MSc student with their dissertation?

If you’re interested in offering a collaborative project to a student or just want to find out more about MMM please get in touch with our MMM Project Co-ordinator.

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