Facilitating the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme

Our work based CPD course for all health and social care practitioners nominated to become facilitators of the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme. 

The Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme is a learning resource for all frontline health and social care staff. The learning programme enables learners across the UK and internationally to develop their existing skills, gain new knowledge and improve their care of people with dementia. It is designed to empower learners, increasing both levels of confidence and their perception of their value within the care setting.

The aims of this course are to develop the knowledge and skills required to lead the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme as a facilitator.

  • Module code DEMU9D2
  • Start date 13th -14th March 2018; 18th -19th April 2018; 13th-14th June 2018
  • Duration 6 months’ work based practice with 2 days classroom learning
  • Days on campus Two days on campus
  • Credit value SCQF 8 20
  • Fees £1,500
  • Overseas Fees £1, 500

Entrance Requirements

Experienced Health and Social Care Staff are nominated by their employer.


The course fee is £1,500.

This fee will cover the cost of the module and the required materials when the newly trained facilitator goes back their place of work. It also includes the cost of taking 8 participants through the course.

Funding support is available for non-profit organisations in Scotland. Please contact dementia@stir.ac.uk to find out more.

Structure and Content

Learning is supported by facilitators. The role of the facilitator is to mentor learners as they study the Learning Programme whilst helping them to meet their personal learning objectives. This involves encouraging them to reflect on their previous experiences and practices, thereby supporting them to link new knowledge to real-world experiences.

Learning materials for the Facilitator and a group of eight learners are written in a self-study format designed to be meaningful for staff in a range of care settings: Acute Hospital, Emergency Care and Care Home (study period 4 months) and Domiciliary Care and Housing Support, (study period 6 months). One work book is completed each month.

Delivery and Assessment

Organisations nominate a senior member(s) of staff who wishes to become a facilitator to undertake the CPD module, “Facilitating the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme”. Those student facilitators will attend a two day face to face workshop delivered by the DSDC teaching team. Student facilitators then return to their practice setting to facilitate the Learning Programme for eight learners. During this time they will they will receive support on request from the DSDC team.

On successful completion of the Learning Programme Facilitators will receive 20 credits at SCQF level 8. Staff learners will receive 6 credits at SCQF level six.Qualified facilitators may then continue to facilitate the Learning Programme so long as they meet the criteria for being a facilitator.

Assessment is by two reflective accounts.

Dates on campus(s)

TBC. Please direct any further enquires to dementia@stir.ac.uk

Module Co-ordinator(s)

Pauline Cameron

Email: dementia@stir.ac.uk 
Tel: 01786 467740

Our Staff

The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) is an international centre of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of people with dementia.  As part of the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Stirling, we have recognised for a long time that health and social care staff want to improve support for people with dementia. Most staff know that it is possible for people to experience good health and wellbeing but often lack the knowledge, skills and tools which would help them to improve their practice. It is essential that they are able to understand what good practice in dementia care looks like and the positive impact that it can have on the experience of a person.

Pauline Cameron

Pauline is a qualified and registered Mental Health Nurse specialising in the care of people with dementia and particularly those people who experience severe behavioural and psychological symptoms as a result of their illness. Her role at DSDC involves the development and delivery of training, including the flagship Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme for which she won Scottish Health Awards Nurse Award 2014, leading on the support of facilitators of the Best Practice programme, writing and developing other training programmes and courses, writing articles for publication and consulting on long term care.


Wendy Perry

Wendy Perry is a Learning and Development Officer for the Dementia Services Development Centre and has been working with older adults for over 25 years, and she has been specifically involved in the development, staff training and management of memory support services in both the US and the UK as well as dementia research in care homes over the last 15 years.

Of particular interest to her are the improvement of services for people with advanced dementia, understanding and responding to stress and distress in people living with dementia, and empowering care staff to make positive changes in their work culture.  She currently teaches on the Meaningful Activity, Best Practice, Distressed Behaviour, Intersection of Dementia + Design and Dementia Leadership courses at the DSDC.


Lynda Hutton

Lynda qualified as a Registered Mental Health in 1989 and has held varying roles within dementia care over the years. With experience in both hospital and community settings but more recently within the third sector supporting families living with dementia post diagnosis. Since 2010 studying at both undergraduate level in Dementia Studies and latterly attaining a postgraduate Diploma in Dementia Studies. This enabled Lynda to further develop services within the third sector for those living with dementia through evidence based interventions.

Application Procedure

Please complete the Facilitating the Best Practice in Dementia Care application form and return to dementia@stir.ac.uk

If you have any queries regarding your application or the application form then please email the course support team at dementia@stir.ac.uk

The application deadline is the day prior to the course dates specified below:

13th and 14th March 2018 (12th March deadline)

18th and 19th April 2018 (17th April deadline)

13th and 14th June 2018 (12th June deadline)

Career opportunities

This course has enabled students to develop practice within their existing posts and some previous students have moved to more specialised or promoted posts. It has also encouraged some students to continue with research on completion of their studies. Other students have become involved in training initiatives.

The Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme is intended for experienced professionals from all relevant disciplines. Our students learn transferable skills that enable them to impart knowledge to colleagues and other students, transfer awareness and implement action in the community, and provide training to family members and carers. The course enhances employability within the broad field of dementia care and enables students to move to more specialised and promoted posts within health and social care settings.

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