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Professional Knowledge and Understanding
  • Acquire a knowledge and understanding of the relevant area(s) of the pre-school primary or secondary school curriculum.
  • Acquire the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their responsibilities in respect of cross-curricular themes including citizenship, creativity, enterprising attitudes, literacy and numeracy; personal, social and health education; and ICT, as appropriate to the sector and stage of education.
  • Acquire the knowledge and understanding to enable them to plan coherent and progressive teaching programmes, and justify what they teach.
  • Acquire an understanding of the nature of the curriculum and its development.

Education systems and professional responsibilities
  • Acquire a broad and critical understanding of the principal features of the education system, educational policy and practice.
  • Acquire a good working knowledge of the sector in which they teach and their professional responsibilities within it.

Principles and perspectives
  • Draw on relevant principles, perspectives and theories to inform professional values and practices.
  • Acquire an understanding of research and its contribution to education.

Comments on progress to date drawing on evidence
Professional Skills and Abilities
Teaching and Learning
  • Plan coherent, progressive teaching programmes which match their pupils' needs and abilities, and justify what they teach.
  • Communicate effectively, using a variety of media, to stimulate pupils and achieve the objectives of lessons.
  • Employ a range of teaching strategies and justify their approach.
  • Set expectations and a pace of work which make appropriate demands on all pupils.
  • Work effectively in co operation with other professionals, staff and parents in order to promote learning.

Classroom organisation and management
  • Organise classes and lessons to ensure that all pupils are safe and productively employed when working individually, in groups or as a class.
  • Manage pupil behaviour fairly, sensitively and consistently by the use of appropriate rewards and sanctions and know when it is necessary to seek advice.

Pupil Assessment
  • Understand and apply the principles of assessment, recording and reporting.
  • Use the results of assessment to evaluate and improve teaching and to improve standards of attainment.

Professional reflection and communication
  • Access and evaluate professionally relevant literature.
  • Construct and sustain reasoned and coherent arguments about educational matters and professional practices.
  • Reflect on and act to improve the effectiveness of their own practice and contribute to the process of curriculum development and school development planning.

Comments on progress to date drawing on evidence
Professional Values and Personal Commitment
  • Value and demonstrate a commitment to social justice, inclusion and protecting and caring for children.
  • Value themselves as growing professionals by taking responsibility for their professional learning and development.
  • Value, respect and show commitment to the communities in which they work.

Comments on progress to date drawing on evidence
Readiness for entry to the probationary period of teaching

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