SE1 Primary Placement Report Form

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We should be grateful for your comments on this student's observation/study practice under the following headings. At this stage we are primarily interested in the student's response to the school environment and what this might indicate about his/her potential as a teacher.

1. Intelligent interest in the work of the school
(e.g. Did the student observe carefully, ask thoughtful questions, and show understanding of what he/she was told?)
2. Relations with pupils
(e.g. Was the student able to establish appropriate relationships with pupils, to communicate effectively with them and to understand them?) .
3. Relationships with teachers
(e.g. Did the student fit in well and show sensitivity to established ways of doing things in the school?)
4) Responsible Professional Attitudes
(e.g. Was the student enthusiastic and willing to be helpful? Was the student punctual? Was the student reliable in following instructions and in communicating with the school?)
5) Classroom teaching
(e.g. Did the student cope reasonably well for a beginner with the task of classroom teaching? Did the student have any personal characteristics, such as extreme shyness or a poor voice, which might make it difficult for him/her to succeed as a teacher?)
6) Teaching file
(Organisation, quality and content of folder should be considered)
7) Other comments
Please comment on anything else which you think might help us to advise this student or to help him/her to become a good teacher.
Do you have a serious reservation about the student's suitability for the teaching profession? If 'Yes' please return this form promptly. Please select as appropriate:

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