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All students are welcome to use Student Learning Services.  You may find it  particularly useful if you -

  • Are in your first year of study.
  • Are making the transition from college to university.
  • Have been out of education for some time.
  • Are finding your studies particularly challenging.
  • Are studying in the UK for the first time. 

 What we are able to do -

  • Advise you on effective study skills.
  • Work with you to develop new learning strategies.
  • Suggest tools to make your studying more efficient.
  • Suggest practical solutions if  you feel overwhelmed by assignment work.
  • Help you build academic confidence and make learning enjoyable.

Students who need to change the appearance of web pages may find the following useful (Change Appearance of web page) : (Enhance Readability) Readability (

Drop-in Tutorials

During semester, drop-in tutorials are available to all students between these times -   

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  2pm-5pm

  • Thursday, Friday: 10am -1pm

The drop-in sessions are non-bookable and last for 30 minutes. You can discuss any aspect of your learning,  studying and academic work.  

Drop-in tutorials for on-campus students 

Come along to 3A1, Cottrell Building between the times advertised.  Sign up for the next available slot and then take a seat. A tutor will be with you as soon as possible.  If you want to discuss a specific assignment, please bring a copy with you to the session. 

Drop-in tutorials for off-campus students 

If you are based in the Highlands or Western Isles or you are taking an online programme, please contact us by e-mail . We will then book you in for a 30 minute drop-in session by e-mail or phone.  This may occur outside of the advertised drop-in times.  If you want to discuss a specific assignment, we will ask you to send this in advance of the session. 

We can

  • answer any quick questions you have
  • explore practical solutions to study issues
  • give you some generic feedback on an assignment
  • check you are on track
  • refer you to additional support if necessary

We cannot

  • read whole assignments
  • proof-read work
  • edit work
  • comment on what grade you'll get

Outside of semester timecheck dates, SLS operate a booking system for drop-in sessions. To contact SLS outwith semester, please e-mail

Study Skills Workshops

We offer a series of study skills workshops. Find out what topics, dates and times are available in Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018. The workshops are designed for undergraduate students in their first or second year of study. However, any student who feels that they may be useful is welcome to attend. The workshops are non-bookable and places are limited. If possible, please turn up early to ensure a place.

Booked tutorials

These are reserved for students who are having particular difficulties with their studies. This includes students who -  

  • Are consistently getting very low marks
  • Have failed an assignment
  • Are returning after  a ‘Leave of Absence’
  • Are referred to SLS by a tutor or through our drop-in service

If you fall into one of these categories, please contact us ( to organise a booked tutorial.   Tutorials are usually face-to-face but for off-campus students, we can work with you via e-mail and phone.  Of course, you can also attend a drop-in session at any time.

Canvas resources

Student Learning Services have a Canvas site which all students are automatically registered on. We have a  range of study skills materials, recommended study skills books and useful links. Access the pages via Canvas. 

Support for students with specific learning requirements.

If you have a diagnosis for a specific learning difficulty or a disability which impacts on your studying, and feel that you require ongoing study skills support, please contact the Access and Inclusion Service 

Thinking about leaving

Many students run into difficulties at some stage of their degree.  You may be feeling that you cannot cope with certain aspects of your degree programme or there may have been changes in your personal circumstances. You may have started to think about withdrawing from your studies and leaving the university.

However, just because you are expected to be an independent learner,  that doesn't mean that you have to handle all of your problems on your own. There are lots of people within the University who can work with you to find solutions and help you progress  - you just need to ask. We are here to help you work out the best solution for you. 

The people you can contact are -

  • Your personal tutor. Details are on the student portal.
  • The Adviser of Studies for your division
  • Visit the Student Hub Team or you can e-mail on
Confidentiality and Data Storage

Student Learning Services (SLS) run a confidential service where students can discuss their academic issues with SLS tutors. It is essential for SLS Tutors to keep brief notes on their engagement with students. This is to ensure that we provide continuity of service and also, so that we can monitor uptake and use of the service. Notes may include limited personal information, key issues discussed with the tutor and any agreed actions. All student notes are stored securely within the case management system operated by SLS and are available to a limited number of appropriate support staff. These notes are not available to academic staff, except under exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances might include:

  • Where the member of staff has the consent of the student to disclose the information
  • Where the member of staff or the University would be liable to civil or criminal court procedure if the information was not disclosed
  • Where the member of staff believes the student or a third party is in danger/at risk of harm
  • Where there is a legal requirement to disclose information.
  • Where the information is required by the police for the prevention or detection or crime or the apprehension or prosecution of an offender and not providing the information would prejudice the investigation. 
  • Where it is necessary to share this information with colleagues on a need to know basis to help them provide robust and appropriate support to the student or third parties. This might include, for example, senior staff in the Accommodation Services team or a Personal Tutor.

Wherever possible, we will seek the consent of students to share information and we will encourage them to disclose this themselves where appropriate. However, if there is no indication that this has happened, or is likely to happen, or if the risk of harm is sufficiently acute, we may pass on the information directly to relevant staff or to external parties.

SLS produces reports on trends, for example who accesses our services and how satisfied students are with the support they receive. Student information may at times be used for these statistical monitoring purposes, but no individual student will be identifiable from reports produced using that data.

Please let us know if you are not willing for us to keep your record. If this is the case, it may be more difficult to provide adequate support.   

If you would like more details, please ask a member of SLS staff or email

Data Protection: Access to notes

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, students have a right of access to notes kept on them by making a Subject Access Request. Find out how to do this at this link

Details of case notes containing personal information are exempt from disclosure to third parties under Freedom of Information legislation.

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