England, Wales and Northern Ireland undergraduate scholarship terms and conditions

Cash and tuition fee awards made to support a student's education, and awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements and criteria.

Eligibility criteria

The scholarships apply to students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland and are recognised as RUK fee status and paying RUK fees.

Scholarships will be automatically awarded to students that meet the eligibility criteria of their scholarship and have enrolled to study at the University.

Scholarships are only available to students studying at the Stirling campus.

Scholarships are only available to full time students.

It is possible to combine some of the scholarships outlined above; these are awarded automatically by the Admissions team who will assess eligibility. For further information about the scholarships that you could combine please visit the scholarship information page.

Additional scholarships that the University may offer will be subject to specific terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Scholarships will be applied on the basis of you meeting specific criteria and if you change your course then your access to the scholarship will be reviewed and you may be liable for repayment of the scholarship awarded.

If the scholarship is removed, students are liable to reimburse us for the cash scholarship or full tuition fee.

Cash scholarships will be awarded by BACS payment around week three of the first semester, in subject to being fully enrolled and achieving satisfactory academic progress to proceed.

Tuition fee scholarships will be automatically applied to the tuition fee and no payment will be made directly to the student.

If you change your bank account, then you will need to update your details via the student portal.

If a student has outstanding debt to the University (including accommodation debt, fees debt, debt in relation to a short term loan), this will be deducted from the amount payable.

The University will not back-date any awards, and all awards made will be current and apply to the student in the current academic year.

Scholarship payments will normally be frozen during a leave of absence from studies, and will normally recommence following return to university and successful progression.

We will use the personal information you provide to process your enrolment and administer the Scholarship scheme. We will retain all documents we receive in connection with the Scholarship scheme along with your other student records in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

Once you are enrolled at the University of Stirling, we may contact you using your University student email account. It is your responsibility to check this account regularly for important information regarding any requests relating to the Scholarships scheme.

We may make changes to these Terms from time to time and the version that is applicable to you will be those that were in force at the date of your application with us.

Removal of a scholarship

We may remove the scholarship placed on your account immediately in the event that:

  • You are expelled, suspended or excluded from the whole or part of the University or your programme of study for academic failure; or
  • We are of the reasonable opinion that you have made any misrepresentation (whether negligently or intentionally) to us either in respect of applying to the University or during the course of and in connection with your studies at the University; or
  • We are of the reasonable opinion that you have acted fraudulently or dishonestly in connection with securing your Scholarship or place at the University.
  • In addition to requiring repayment, we may also take such action against you as is permitted under our Code of Student Discipline ordinance which is set out and available from the University Calendar.
  • In the event of an intercalation, any payments will be suspended until you return and progress to the next stage of your course.

Repayment of the scholarship

If the scholarship is removed, students are liable to reimburse us for the cash scholarship or full tuition fee.

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from their course during a period of study will have their scholarship recalculated inline with their tuition fee liability and may be required to repay part or all of their scholarship.

If we have made an error in calculating your Scholarship and as a result you have received an additional discount or payment to which you were not entitled, we may request that you repay us the amount overpaid and you will be liable to repay it to us within 30 days of our demand.

In addition to any other rights we may have at law to take action against you for recovery or repayment of the amount equating to the Scholarship, the amount so outstanding will be treated by us as a sum due to us and may mean that you will not be awarded your degree until you have made payment to us as requested.