Winning Students

Key Facts

Fee status

England, Wales, NI, Republic of Ireland, Scotland


Undergraduate, Postgraduate (taught), Postgraduate (research)

Number of awards

Value of awards

Up to £5,500 each year

Your country/region

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Winning Students is Scotland's national sports scholarship programme supporting students competing in high performance sport.

Background information

In member colleges and universities across Scotland, some of the most talented young athletes - including Olympians, Commonwealth competitors and senior internationalists - are combining their studies and their sport.

Recognising this dedication and determination, Winning Students supports selected athletes with scholarships of up to £5,500 each year, which can be invested in a range of services.

Across core sports and through Individual Scholarships, the scholarships now support more than 150 student athletes.

More detailed information is available on the Winning Students website.

Eligibility and availability

Winning Students scholarships are individually tailored to each athlete's needs, complimenting existing support.

Core sport nominations are confirmed provided the athletes meet the full selection criteria while individual scholarships are considered by a select group of the programme's advisory board.

Scholarships can be spent flexibly on a number of support services from accommodation to match fees and the individual needs are agreed by the athlete in consultation with their sport and with their college or university Winning Students co-ordinator.

How do I apply?

Across the core scholarship sports, athletes are nominated by their governing body. There are also individual scholarships available in non-core sports, with athletes nominated by themselves, their sport or by their college or university.

Nominations are submitted to the University of Stirling, Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence, which manages the scholarship programme.

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Fiona Semple

Winning Students Project Officer