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University of Stirling


Honours Year Scholarship

  • Number of awards: N/A
  • Help with: £9,250
  • Deadline: N/A

Background information

Like other universities across England and Wales, starting from 2018, our undergraduate tuition fees for students from England, Northern Ireland and Wales will be £9,250 per year. No-one has to pay this up front, and tuition fee loans are available through your relevant national funding body to meet the costs.

The good news is that if, having entered in Year 1 and progressed successfully through Years 2 and 3, students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland will then be awarded a scholarship covering the full cost of the fees for their Honours year of study.

That’s £9,250 less in tuition fee loans compared with equivalent length courses in universities in England and Wales. No application is needed, and the Honours Scholarships will be automatically applied in your fourth year of study.

And if you're interested in taking advantage of our five-star facilities during your studies, you're in luck. As a new undergraduate student at the University of Stirling, you'll be prioritised for accommodation as long as your application is submitted by the advertised date.

Eligibility and availability

Honours Year Scholarships are available to all students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland who have entered into study from 2018 and have successfully completed Years 1-3 at the University of Stirling.

How do I apply?

No application is necessary. All students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who enter study at Stirling from 2018 and successfully complete Years 1-3 of study will automatically be allocated an award.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the University of Stirling, Honours Year Scholarships or our range of courses, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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