Safe Taxi Scheme

The University of Stirling Safe Taxi Scheme was designed in consultation with the Students' Union, Police Scotland, Stirling Council and Stirling Taxi Association.

Its purpose is to support students in emergency circumstances, by helping them get home safely if they run out of money.

A student who needs to make use of the scheme would provide his or her student card and signature to a taxi operating within one of the companies participating in the Scheme.  The taxi company would collect the fare from the University on behalf of the student and the student would settle the full fare with the University within an agreed time-frame.

In the exceptional event of losing their card, students would still be able to participate in the scheme by providing alternative ID or, if no ID is available, their unique student number.

Student FAQs

How does the safe taxi scheme work?

In an emergency, if you find yourself without the necessary fare to take a taxi home, you can sign for the cost of your journey on production of your student card.

You should phone for a taxi on one of the numbers detailed on the right stating that you wish to book a taxi under the Safe Taxi Scheme of the University of Stirling and give your name and student number

You should show the driver your student ID. You will be given a note of the amount due and the taxi firm used.

You will still be responsible for this fare and should contact the University’s Income Office in Stirling on 01786 466197 or in the Cottrell Building to settle payment.

The scheme will cover taxi fares of up to £20. The destination must be your normal semester address, as noted on your student record.

How does the taxi firm get paid?

The University will establish an account with firms participating in the scheme and arrange for initial payment of any fares.

How will I settle the fare?

You should contact University’s Income Office on 01786 466197 or to pay for your taxi fare within 10 working days of the taxi journey.

When is the scheme in operation?

The scheme operates 7 days a week, throughout the year, between 9pm and 7am.

How many times can I use the scheme?

The safe taxi scheme is designed to be used in an emergency and not on a repeated basis. There are administrative costs associated with the scheme, but we are keen that we keep these to a minimum so we can continue to offer this service to all students that need to use it.

What if I don’t have my student card with me?

Normally a student ID card should be presented. The taxi driver will record your name, student number, destination details; fare incurred and then asks you to sign for the fare. If you don’t have your student card, you should provide another form of ID and quote your student card number. (We’d suggest that you keep a separate note of this, for example, on your mobile phone, together with the contact details of the participating taxi firms).