Proposal Decision

Once you have submitted your proposal it can take from a few weeks to several months to receive notification of the outcome from the funder.  When you do receive notification from the funder there are various steps that should be followed to ensure the project can be set-up as efficiently as possible.

Notification of Funding

Notifications of Outcome from the funder may be by telephone (informal), email or letter (formal).  The email or letter may contain terms and conditions of the award and may provide instructions on how to accept the award.  There may also be conditions or amendments to the original proposal to be made prior to formal acceptance.  Please discuss these with your representative from the Research Funding & Development Team.

Proposal amendments โ€“ On occasions your proposal may be accepted for award by the funder, however they may specify conditions/amendments to the original proposal, prior to formal acceptance.  Please discuss with your representative from the Research Funding & Development Team.

Unsuccessful proposal - Even if your proposal has been unsuccessful inform the Research Funding and Development Team of the outcome so that you can discuss the feedback from the funder and make plans for your next application.

When you receive any notification of funding (informal/formal) please let your representative from the Research Funding & Development Team know.  We will need formal confirmation of funding before we can proceed to the next stage, please send us a copy of the award letter, email etc.

Note: Research Council and Cancer Research UK funding outcomes are received electronically, via the funder application portals.

Acceptance of an award is a legal process managed by Research & Innovation Services.  There is usually a deadline by which the award should be accepted and therefore all documentation should be sent to your representative from the Research Funding & Development Team so that they can advise on the process.


New projects may require a collaboration agreement e.g. between project partners or other contractual arrangement.  Please discuss with the appropriate representative from the Research Funding & Development Team.  The team will then prepare and review the contractual requirements of your project before arranging for this to be signed on behalf of the university.

Once RIS have received the final award confirmation e.g. award letter and fully signed contract, we can finalise the award and pass it to the Finance Office for project set-up.  The Funding Team will set-up the award on to the Research Management System, which in turn pushes the award information into the financial management system (Agresso).

The Finance Office process the award information and your accounts assistant will notify you by email of the budget codes for your project. 


Need help?  Your contact in the Research Funding & Development Team can advise you on the process when you receive an award.

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