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A picture is worth a thousand words, and our annual Research Images competition is an innovative way to communicate complex research taking place at the University of Stirling in a simple and succinct way. The competition is open to all our research community, from postgraduates to professors.

Submissions are invited under the University’s three key research themes:

  • Cultures, Communities and Society
  • Global Security and Resilience
  • Living Well

Vote for your favourite images

There are eleven shortlisted images to vote for below. Use the “Vote” button above a photograph to identify it as one of your favourites. Voting will be open until 22 April, 2019, and winners will receive prizes at an awards ceremony on Thursday 2nd May. Contributors of the top three images will receive a cash prize (1st: £250, 2nd: £150 and 3rd: £100) to further their research along with a framed copy of their submitted image.


Further information

  • Image copyright

    On entering the competition you confirm that the University of Stirling retains copyright for all photos/images submitted to the research images competition. Right to use extends to all publicity for the University which may include reproduction for printed publications, advertisements, exhibition boards, digital reproduction for use on the internet and other media as appropriate. The University may use your image without giving credit. Permission does not extend to the University selling such photos/images for financial gain. As owner of the image/photo you retain the rights to use the image for your own purposes but you hereby grant the University of Stirling a non-exclusive, royalty free licence in perpetuity to reproduce works based on your submission without any obligation to compensate you.

    As an entrant to the competition it is your responsibility to:

    • Secure permission from anyone in your photograph, obtaining written permission to use the image by completing the University’s photography consent form. This form should be uploaded during the submission process.
    • Ensure that there are no infringement of third party intellectual property rights. You must either wholly own the image, or obtain the written authority of contributors to both submit the image to this competition and to grant the University of Stirling copy right to reproduce the works based on your submission.
  • Terms and conditions

    Winners will receive a prize of £250, £150 or £100 to be used to further their research such as research travel, conference attendance, consumables, materials or equipment. Prize money cannot be used for salary, personal expenses or non-research activities. Payment will be made to reimburse research expenses on submission of a claim, supported by receipts, submitted to Research and Innovation Services by the requested deadline as noted on the award letter.


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