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A Social Science Data Fusion Tool and the Data Management through e-Social Science (DAMES) Infrastructure

Warner G, Blum JM, Jones S, Lambert P, Turner KJ, Tan KLL, Dawson A & Bell D (2010) A Social Science Data Fusion Tool and the Data Management through e-Social Science (DAMES) Infrastructure, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 368 (1925), pp. 3859-3873.

The last two decades have seen substantially increased potential for quantitative social science research. This has been made possible by the significant expansion of publicly available social science datasets, the development of new analysis methodologies such as microsimulation, and increase in computing power. These rich resources do, however, bring with them substantial challenges associated with organising and using data. These processes are often referred to as 'data management'. The DAMES project (Data Management through e-Social Science) is working to support activities of data management for social science research. This paper describes the DAMES infrastructure, focusing on the data fusion process that is central to the project approach.

Social Science; Data Management; Infrastructure; Grid Technologies; e-Science

Subject headings
Social sciences Information services; Information storage and retrieval systems Social sciences Management; Computational grids (Computer systems); Database management

AuthorsWarner Guy, Blum Jesse Michael, Jones Simon, Lambert Paul, Turner Kenneth J, Tan Koon Leai Larry, Dawson Alison, Bell David
Publication date28/08/2010
Date accepted by journal01/01/1990
PublisherRoyal Society
ISSN 0080-4614

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. a: Mathematical and Physical Sciences: Volume 368, Issue 1925 (40418)

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