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Response to late Bronze Age climate change of farming communities in north east Scotland

Tipping R, Davies A, McCulloch R & Tisdall E (2008) Response to late Bronze Age climate change of farming communities in north east Scotland, Journal of Archaeological Science, 35 (8), pp. 2379-2386.

Pollen analyses are presented spanning the Bronze and Iron Ages at two sites within one river catchment in north east Scotland, one upland and one lowland site, to test the hypothesis that subsistence agricultural communities relocated their activities in response to major climatic deterioration at the end of the Bronze Age. Such responses were identified, involving the probable cessation of arable farming around the upland site and increases in the intensity of anthropogenic impacts around the lowland site. These changes are consistent with a model that posits a restructuring of agricultural activities, but are not considered indicative of settlement abandonment in the face of climatic stress.

Bronze Age; agriculture; climate change; marginality

Subject headings
Climate changing Scotland; Forests and forestry Scotland History; Paleoecology Scotland; Archaeological geology; Bronze age Scotland

AuthorsTipping Richard, Davies Althea, McCulloch Robert, Tisdall Eileen
Publication date08/2008
Date accepted by journal10/03/2008
ISSN 0305-4403

Journal of Archaeological Science: Volume 35, Issue 8 (2008-08)

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