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The ERICA Tool

Brown J, Alfonso B, Avila RM, Beresford NA, Copplestone D, Prohl G & Ulanovsky AV (2008) The ERICA Tool, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 99 (9), pp. 1371-1383.

The ERICA Tool is a computerised, flexible software system that has a structure based upon the ERICA Integrated Approach to assessing the radiological risk to biota. The Tool guides the user through the assessment process, recording information and decisions and allowing the necessary calculations to be performed to estimate risks to selected animals and plants. Tier 1 assessments are media concentration based and use pre-calculated environmental media concentration limits to estimate risk quotients. Tier 2 calculates dose rates but allows the user to examine and edit most of the parameters used in the calculation including concentration ratios, distribution coefficients, percentage dry weight soil or sediment, dose conversion coefficients, radiation weighting factors and occupancy factors. Tier 3 offers the same flexibility as Tier 2 but allows the option to run the assessment probabilistically if the underling parameter probability distribution functions are defined. Results from the Tool can be put into context using incorporated data on dose–effects relationships and background dose rates.

environmental risk assessment; radioactivity; software tool; non-human biota

AuthorsBrown Justin, Alfonso Boris, Avila Rodolfo Moreno, Beresford Nicholas A, Copplestone David, Prohl Gerhard, Ulanovsky Alexander V
Publication date09/2008
ISSN 0265-931X

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity: Volume 99, Issue 9 (SEP 2008)

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