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Sex-specific differences in the synaptonemal complex in the genus Oreochromis (Cichlidae)

Campos-Ramos R, Penman D & Harvey SC (2009) Sex-specific differences in the synaptonemal complex in the genus Oreochromis (Cichlidae), Genetica, 135 (3), pp. 325-332.

Total synaptonemal complex (SC) lengths were estimated from Oreochromis aureus Steindachner (which has a WZ/ZZ sex determination system), O. mossambicus Peters and O. niloticus L. (both of which have XX/XY sex determination systems). The total SC length in oocytes was greater than that in spermatocytes in all three species (194±30 μm and 134±13 μm, 187±22 μm and 127±17 μm, 193±37 μm and 144±19 μm, respectively). These sex-specific differences did not appear to be influenced by the type of sex determination system (the female/male total SC length ratio was 1.45 in O. aureus, 1.47 in O. mossambicus and 1.34 in O. niloticus) and do not correlate with the lack of any overall sex-specific length differences in the current Oreochromis linkage map. Although based on data from relatively few species, there appears to be no consistent relationship between sex-specific SC lengths and linkage map lengths in fish. Neomale (hormonally masculinized genetic female) O. aureus and O. mossambicus had total SC lengths of 138±13 μm and 146±13 μm respectively, more similar to normal males than to normal females. These findings agree with data from other vertebrate species that suggest that phenotypic sex, rather than genotype, determines traits such as total SC length, chiasmata position and recombination pattern, at least for the autosomes.

tilapia; Oreochromis; synaptonemal complex; sex-specific differences; recombination; linkage

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Fishes Sexing; Fishes Genetic recombination

AuthorsCampos-Ramos Rafael, Penman David, Harvey Simon C
Publication date2009
PublisherSpringer Verlag
ISSN 0016-6707

Genetica: Volume 135, Issue 3 (2009)

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