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Expression and tissue distribution of plaice glutathione S-transferase-A

Leaver M, Scott K & George S (1992) Expression and tissue distribution of plaice glutathione S-transferase-A, Marine Environmental Research, 34 (1-4), pp. 237-241.

Glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity was present in all tissues examined of a marine flatfish, the plaice (Pleuronectesplatessa). It was predominately expressed in liver, with lower but significant activities present in the kidney, intestine and gills. Immunoblot analysis with specific antisera to GST-A and B, the two major hepatic isoforms, showed that both were expressed in all tissues except spleen; however, clear differences in the relative proportions of total GST activity and these isoforms were observed. The expression of GST-A mRNA was also investigated by a cRNA probe and followed the enzyme protein levels. The results indicate that GST-A is the predominant isoform in gills and that other, so far uncharacterised isoforms, must account for the high enzyme activity measured by conjugation of chlorodinitrobenzene in liver.

AuthorsLeaver Michael, Scott Karen, George Stephen
Publication date1992
Publication date online15/04/2003
ISSN 0141-1136

Marine Environmental Research: Volume 34, Issue 1-4 (1992)

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