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Cross species application of DNA microarrays in fish... How many arrays do we need? (Meeting Abstract)

George S, Leaver M, Chipman JK, Cossins AR & Tom M (2008) Cross species application of DNA microarrays in fish... How many arrays do we need? (Meeting Abstract).

Currently there is much interest in the application of genomic technologies, particularly DNA microarrays, to study pollutant effects in fish from a large geographic area and from a wide variety of habitats. Many of these studies are focussed upon elucidating mechanisms of toxicity which can be extrapolated across species, whilst others may be focused on toxic effects in particular ecological niches e.g. extremes of salinity, temperature, oxia, pressure, etc. or at appraisal of organism health or of the biological availability of contaminants. Fish are the largest vertebrate class with nearly 30,000 different living species, most of which are ray-finned bony fish and they have evolved to populate this wide range of habitats. This diversity is not only seen in their morphology and physiology but also at the level of their gene structures and fish of different taxonomic orders can show quite low sequence homologies. Since construction of DNA microarrays is both expensive and labour intensive it would be beneficial if they could be used across species wherever possible. DNA microarrays from more than a dozen fish species across a wide range of Orders and Families have thus far been constructed. We can make theoretical predictions on their cross species utility from DNA sequence data and in this study we report experimental validation of cross hybridisation utility between different fish species of varying phllyic variance.

AuthorsGeorge Stephen, Leaver Michael, Chipman James Kevin, Cossins Andrew R, Tom Moshe
Publication date07/2008
ISSN 0141-1136

Marine Environmental Research: Volume 66, Issue 1 (JUL 2008)

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