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Heterodox Economics: A Common Challenge to Mainstream Economics?

Dow S (2007) Heterodox Economics: A Common Challenge to Mainstream Economics?. In: Hein E, Truger A (ed.). Money, Distribution and Economic Policy: Alternatives to Orthodox Macroeconomics. New Directions in Modern Economics, Cheltenham: Elgar, pp. 31-46.

First paragraph: Heterodox economics has been going through a period of change. The most noticeable change has been the drawing together of heterodox economists using different approaches into the larger category of ‘heterodox economics’. This has had a series of positive outcomes: notably a growing confidence in heterodox economics, and an increasing interchange of ideas among those taking different heterodox approaches. The increasing duality that this has created, between orthodox and heterodox economics, has had both positive and negative outcomes: a growing cohesion among those seeking to put forward a convincing alternative to orthodox economics, on the one hand, but the temptation to slip into a dualistic mode of thought which is more characteristic of the orthodoxy, on the other hand. While orthodox economics has been criticized for its exclusivity, as being the ‘right’ approach so that all others are ‘wrong’, there is a danger that heterodox economics might fall into the same habit.

Alternatives; Challenge; Current Heterodox Approaches: General B500; Economic; Economic Methodology B410; Economic policy; Economics; Heterodox-economics; History of Thought since 1925; Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary; Austrian B250; Socialist; Marxist; Scraffian B240; Macroeconomics B220; Macroeconomics; Monetary Economics: General E000; Money; Policies; Policy;

EditorHein E, Truger A
AuthorsDow Sheila
Title of seriesNew Directions in Modern Economics
Publication date2007
Place of publicationCheltenham
ISBN 9781847200631
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