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Tenant participation and social housing in the UK: Applying a theoretical model

Simmons R & Birchall J (2007) Tenant participation and social housing in the UK: Applying a theoretical model, Housing Studies, 22 (4), pp. 573-595.

Tenant participation is becoming an almost ubiquitous feature of the planning and provision of social housing. A range of opportunities has been (and is being) created by and for tenants to participate in the planning, provision and evaluation of housing services. Yet while local authorities and other social landlords may be keen to consult tenants, and tenants themselves often want to make their voices heard, there is a perennial problem in actually getting people involved. This paper provides a comprehensive framework for understanding this important question. It then reports on recent research that applies the framework in two different contexts: tenants' associations and tenant management organisations. The implications for housing policy and practice are discussed.

association; ASSOCIATIONS; Authority; context; EVALUATION; Feature; housing; HOUSING policy; implications; Management; model; Organisation; other; participation; PEOPLE; PLANNING; policies; Policy; Practice; PROVISION; RANGE; Research; service; services; Social housing; UK; understanding; voice; VOICES

AuthorsSimmons Richard, Birchall Johnston
Publication date07/2007
Publication date online02/07/2007
Place of publicationABINGDON, ENGLAND
ISSN 0267-3037

Housing Studies: Volume 22, Issue 4 (2007/07//)

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