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Big Data in Education: The digital future of learning, policy and practice

Williamson B (2017) Big Data in Education: The digital future of learning, policy and practice. London: SAGE.

The goal of this book is to understand and detail how digital data and the code and algorithms that constitute software are mixing with particular political agendas, commercial interests, entrepreneurial ambitions, philanthropic goals, forms of scientific expertise, and professional knowledge to create new ways of understanding, imagining and intervening in education. Education is now a key site in which big data and algorithmic techniques of data mining and analysis performed with software are proliferating and gaining credibility. Chapters explore how data analytics are transforming processes of educational policymaking; the growth of a field of education data science; emerging psychological software to data-mine student emotions; brain-based neurotechnology applications intended for use in education; and how schemes in coding and making are designed to shape students as computational operatives and apprentice data analysts.

big data; data analytics; education; algorithms; software; code

AuthorsWilliamson Ben
Number of pages256
Publication date2017
Place of publicationLondon
ISBN 9781473947993
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