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Conference Paper (in Formal Publication)

Fixing bugs in your sleep: How genetic improvement became an overnight success

Haraldsson S, Woodward J, Brownlee A & Siggeirsdottir K (2017) Fixing bugs in your sleep: How genetic improvement became an overnight success In: 2017 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, GECCO 2017, New York: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. GECCO 2017: The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 15.7.2017 - 19.7.2017, Berlin, Germany, pp. 1513-1520.

We present a bespoke live system in commercial use with self-improving capability. During daytime business hours it provides an overview and control for many specialists to simultaneously schedule and observe the rehabilitation process for multiple clients. However in the evening, after the last user logs out, it starts a self-analysis based on the day's recorded interactions. It generates test data from the recorded interactions for Genetic Improvement to fix any recorded bugs that have raised exceptions. The system has already been under test for over 6 months and has in that time identified, located, and fixed 22 bugs. No other bugs have been identified by other methods during that time. It demonstrates the effectiveness of simple test data generation and the ability of GI for improving live code.

AuthorsHaraldsson Saemundur, Woodward John, Brownlee Alexander, Siggeirsdottir Kristin
Publication date2017
Date of public distribution07/2017
Date accepted by journal15/02/2017
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc
Place of publicationNew York
ISBN 9781450349390
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