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Tout(e) Varda: The DVD Collection as Authorworld (Forthcoming/Available Online)

Boyle K (2017) Tout(e) Varda: The DVD Collection as Authorworld (Forthcoming/Available Online), New Review of Film and Television Studies.

In 2012, Ciné-Tamaris released Tout(e) Varda, a DVD boxset spanning filmmaker Agnès Varda’s sixty-year career to that date. Although relatively unusual in the degree of control Varda seems to have had in curating the collection, this box set is a logical development of Varda’s work of the 2000s in which she has increasingly interrogated her oeuvre and career. This article argues for the significance of the collection – and the paratextual material it includes – for an analysis of Varda and her work. But it also seeks to position the analysis within the wider context of DVD scholarship, where – despite a recurring concern with both the commercial and didactic functions of auteurism - the authorial collection has attracted little attention. An analysis of Tout(e) Varda points to the importance of considering the formal qualities of paratextual material as well as their thematic concerns. Tout(e) Varda offers not a definitive commentary on Varda’s work, but rather extends its formal and thematic preoccupations, albeit in ways which are at times contradictory, constructing Varda as both an unreliable curator and unreliable narrator.

Agnès Varda; authorworld; DVD authorship; DVD extras; DVD box sets; paratext

StatusIn press
AuthorsBoyle Karen
Publication date online14/12/2017
Date accepted by journal02/07/2017
PublisherTaylor & Francis
ISSN 1740-0309

new Review of Film and Television Studies

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