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Conference Paper (in Formal Publication)

From Participation to Collaboration: Reflections on the Co-Creation of Innovative Business Ideas

Broadley C, Champion K, Johnson MP & McHattie L (2016) From Participation to Collaboration: Reflections on the Co-Creation of Innovative Business Ideas In: Lloyd P, Bohemia E (ed.) Proceedings of DRS 2016: The 50th Anniversary DRS Conference 2016, Future-Focused Thinking, Volume 5, London: Design Research Society. DRS2016: Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference, 27.6.2016 - 30.6.2017, Brighton, pp. 1739-1758.

Design-led innovation interventions are predicated on the importance of establishing complex disciplinary collaborations. This paper reflects on the effects of different co-design methods to support knowledge exchange and the co-creation of new business ideas with multidisciplinary participants. It draws on data collected from sandpit style events entitled Chiasma, undertaken as part of the knowledge exchange hub, Design in Action (DiA) in which co-design methods were used to bring designers, entrepreneurs, and academics together to develop innovative business ideas in Scotland. Employing a thematic analysis of idea generation, team formation, and idea development, we suggest that a more nuanced range of methods, tools, and techniques can strengthen multidisciplinary engagement and participation. We argue that such approaches can be enhanced by designers and researchers{\textquoteright} shifting focus from co-design methods to supporting collaborative mindsets in knowledge exchange towards innovation.

co-design methods; knowledge exchange; collaboration; design-led innovation

EditorLloyd P, Bohemia E
AuthorsBroadley Cara, Champion Katherine, Johnson Michael Pierre, McHattie Lynn-Sayers
Title of seriesDRS International Conference Series
Publication date06/2016
Date of public distribution06/2016
PublisherDesign Research Society
Place of publicationLondon
ISSN of series 2398-3132
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