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Identification of genes involved in reproduction and lipid pathway metabolism in wild and domesticated shrimps

Rotllant G, Wade NM, Arnold S, Coman GJ, Preston NP & Glencross B (2015) Identification of genes involved in reproduction and lipid pathway metabolism in wild and domesticated shrimps, Marine Genomics, 22, pp. 55-61.

The aims of this study were to identify genes involved in reproduction and lipid pathway metabolism in Penaeus monodon and correlate their expression with reproductive performance. Samples of the hepatopancreas and ovaries were obtained from a previous study of the reproductive performance of wild and domesticated P. monodon broodstock. Total mRNA from the domesticated broodstock was used to create two next generation sequencing cDNA libraries enabling the identification of 11 orthologs of key genes in reproductive and nutritional metabolic pathways in P. monodon. These were identified from the library of de novo assembled contigs, including the description of 6 newly identified genes. Quantitative RT-PCR of these genes in the hepatopancreas prior to spawning showed that the domesticated mature females significantly showed higher expression of the Pm Elovl4, Pm COX and Pm SUMO genes. The ovaries of domesticated females had a significantly decreased expression of the Pm Elovl4 genes. In the ovaries of newly spawned females, a significant correlation was observed between hepatosomatic index and the expression of Pm FABP and also between total lipid content and the expression of Pm CYP4. Although not significant, the highest levels of correlation were found between relative fecundity and Pm CRP and Pm CYP4 expression, and between hatching rate and Pm Nvd and Pm RXR expression. This study reports the discovery of genes involved in lipid synthesis, steroid biosynthesis and reproduction in P. monodon. These results indicate that genes encoding enzymes involved in lipid metabolism pathways might be potential biomarkers to assess reproductive performance. 

Penaeus monodon; Reproductive performance; Lipid metabolism; Gene expression

AuthorsRotllant Guiomar, Wade Nicholas M, Arnold Stuart, Coman Gregory J, Preston Nigel P, Glencross Brett
Publication date08/2015
Publication date online15/04/2015
Date accepted by journal05/04/2015
ISSN 1874-7787

Marine Genomics: Volume 22 (2015)

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