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Knowledge Aided by Observation

Haddock A (2016) Knowledge Aided by Observation. Wittgenstein Workshop 2014-2015, 16.4.2015 - 16.4.2015, Chicago, IL, USA. Available from:

According to G.E.M. Anscombe, knowledge “in intention”—“the knowledge that a man has of his intentional actions”—is not “knowledge by observation”. But Anscombe does not deny that observation-knowledge can play a role in knowledge in intention.  She seems to think that, even though knowledge in intention is not knowledge by observation, it can be aided by such knowledge. This essay explains how we should understand this.  

Knowledge in intention; non-observational knowledge; self-consciousness; Anscombe; practical knowledge; intentional action

StatusPublicly available
AuthorsHaddock Adrian
Publication date30/04/2016
Date of public distribution04/2016
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