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Donaldson D & Curran T (2007) Letter to the editor, NeuroImage, 36 (2), pp. 488-489.

In the current issue of NeuroImage (Vol 36, 2007), two Event-Related Potential (ERP) studies of recognition memory for faces are published back-to-back (Curran and Hancock, and MacKenzie and Donaldson). Both studies suggest that qualitatively distinct retrieval processes support recognition, consistent with “dual-process” models of recognition memory. However, the studies do so on the basis of apparently different results, a discrepancy that is surprising given the similarity of their designs. Here we place the studies in context, and highlight potential reasons for the discrepancy.

Memory; Faces; Recollection; Familiarity; Neural; ERPs

Subject headings
Evoked potentials (Electrophysiology); Memory Recognition (Psychology); Memory Recollection (Psychology); Face perception

AuthorsDonaldson David, Curran Tim
Publication date06/2007
ISSN 1053-8119

Neuroimage: Volume 36, Issue 2 (2007)

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