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Promoting Inclusive living via Technology- Enabled support

Alternative title INVITE Project Report



McCall V, Gibson G, Rolfe S, Serpa R & Lawrence J (2022) Promoting Inclusive living via Technology- Enabled support [INVITE Project Report]. Longleigh Foundation.

The INVITE project offers evidence and recommendations on how to promote inclusive living via technology-enabled support. This report, led by the University of Stirling in partnership with Stonewater Housing Association and funded by the Longleigh Foundation, explores how to maximise opportunities to help social housing residents to live well and safely through facilitation of technological solutions. The new empirical evidence highlights that high-tech and low-tech solutions can both play a critical role in day-to-day living and supporting individual well-being, social connectedness and feelings of independence. The project provides insight into the value of building relationships at the ground-level of housing delivery and how co-production and inclusive approaches to understanding, introducing, facilitating and maintaining technology can improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

housing, care, technology, health, gadgets

FundersLongleigh Foundation
Publication date25/10/2022
Publication date online25/10/2022
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Dr Grant Gibson
Dr Grant Gibson

Lecturer in Dementia Studies, Dementia and Ageing

Mrs Julia Lawrence
Mrs Julia Lawrence

Project Coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Vikki McCall
Dr Vikki McCall

Senior Lecturer, Housing Studies

Dr Steve Rolfe
Dr Steve Rolfe

Lecturer in Social Policy, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Dr Regina Serpa
Dr Regina Serpa

Lecturer in Housing, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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