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Structure and culture. Putting the human dimension of CIM in perspective

Burnes B (1993) Structure and culture. Putting the human dimension of CIM in perspective, International Journal of Human Factors in Manufacturing, 3 (2), pp. 183-191.

Over the last decade all industrial nations have recognized the crucial role that CIM can play in creating World Class manufacturing companies. With this recognition has come a growing concern, especially in the U.K., over the failure of many companies to gain the full benefits from the introduction of expensive CIM systems. Though many explanations have been offered as to the cause of this problem, most commentators now appear to accept that the central reason is the failure adequately to involve, train, and motivate those who use and manage these new systems. This article strongly supports this view but also argues that this failure is itself brought about by a deeper and potentially more damaging problem: the inappropriateness of and compatibility between the structures and cultures that exist in many organizations. If this is so, and we strongly believe it is, it presents not only a real and substantial barrier to the efficient and effective use of CIM but also, more importantly, poses a threat to the overall ability of companies to survive in the increasingly competitive world of the 1990s. The article begins by describing our research into the introduction and use of CIM in U.K. companies. It then goes on to examine and discuss the importance and implications of organizational structure and culture. In conclusion, it is argued that a long-term, strategic program of change and renewal will be necessary for many companies if they are to compete with, and themselves become, the best in the world.

AuthorsBurnes Bernard
Publication date04/1993
ISSN 1045-2699

International Journal of Human Factors in Manufacturing: Volume 3, Issue 2 (1993)

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