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Cardiac misconceptions in healthcare workers

Angus NJ, Patience F, Maclean E, Corrigall H, Bradbury I, Thompson DR, Atherton I & Leslie S (2012) Cardiac misconceptions in healthcare workers, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 11 (4), pp. 396-401.

Background Cardiac misconceptions are common and may have a detrimental effect on patients. Such misconceptions may be introduced or reinforced by vague and inconsistent advice from healthcare staff and can adversely affect health outcomes. Aim To assess whether level of cardiac misconceptions significantly differs between groups of healthcare staff based on occupation. Methods The 22-item York Cardiac Beliefs Questionnaire (YCBQ) was administered to a convenience sample of healthcare staff (n = 263) in direct contact with cardiac patients. Data was also collected on the occupation of healthcare staff and years worked. Results Medical staff had the lowest mean score (17.5, CI 15.6–19.4), indicating fewest misconceptions, and unqualified healthcare workers had the highest mean score (32.1, CI 28.4–35.7). Analysis by ANOVA indicated differences between staff groups to be statistically significant (F = 17.66, p < 0.001). Length of time worked was found to be significantly associated with cardiac misconception score (Pearson's r = − 0.243, p < 0.001). Further analysis demonstrated that significant differences between mean group scores remained when years worked was defined as a covariate, F = 15.68, p < 0.001). Conclusion There is significant variability in cardiac misconceptions in different groups of healthcare staff. Education to correct cardiac misconceptions should be particularly targeted at unqualified healthcare staff. The importance of maintaining appropriate ratios of qualified to unqualified healthcare staff in the care of cardiac patients is supported by this study.

Cardiac misconceptions; Rehabilitation; Chronic stable angina; Staff education

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Health education; Heart Diseases Patients Rehabilitation; Heart Diseases Nursing

AuthorsAngus Neil J, Patience Fiona, Maclean Elizabeth, Corrigall Helen, Bradbury Ian, Thompson David R, Atherton Iain, Leslie Stephen
Publication date12/2012
ISSN 1474-5151

European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing: Volume 11, Issue 4 (2012)

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