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Case management: developing practice through action research

Smith A, MacKay S & McCulloch K (2013) Case management: developing practice through action research, British Journal of Community Nursing, 18 (9), pp. 452-458.

This article is a report of an action research study carried out with community nurses to help develop case management within their practice. Using action research principles, nurses reviewed and analysed their current practice and developed recommendations for further embedding case management as a means of supporting patients with complex care needs in their own homes. Findings indicate that a number of factors can influence the community nurse’s ability to implement case management. These factors include approaches to case finding, availability of resources and interprofessional working. Important considerations for nurses were the influence of the context of care, the geographical location and the health needs of the local patient population, which meant that case management may need to be adapted to meet local circumstances.

Case management; Community nursing; Action research

AuthorsSmith Annetta, MacKay Seonaid, McCulloch Kathleen
Publication date09/2013
PublisherMark Allen Healthcare
ISSN 1462-4753

British Journal of Community Nursing: Volume 18, Issue 9

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