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Enriching Artemia nauplii with a high DHA-containing lipid emulsion: search for an optimal protocol

Viciano E, Monroig O, Salvador A, Amat J, Fiszman S & Navarro JC (2015) Enriching Artemia nauplii with a high DHA-containing lipid emulsion: search for an optimal protocol, Aquaculture Research, 46 (5), pp. 1066-1077.

This study aimed to investigate practical strategies to optimize the use of a high-docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) lipid emulsion (M70), a product with great potential in live prey enrichments for marine larviculture. Considering its particularly high content in DHA (22:6n-3), the adequate utilization of the emulsion for Artemia enrichments was evaluated in a series of six experiments. More specifically, the bioencapsulation efficiency of M70 into Artemia nauplii was tested under different experimental conditions of oxygen source, aeration flow, incubation temperature, concentration and dosage, as well as nauplial densities. Our results showed that an optimal utilization of M70 is achieved with incubation temperatures of 28°C, moderate aeration flows and nauplial densities of 300 ind per mL. In addition, the emulsion can be dispensed in the enrichment medium in one single dose of 0.8 g L-1, with no apparent detrimental effects on its oxidative stability and Artemia nauplii survival during enrichment.

Artemia ; docosahexaenoic acid; essential fatty acid; lipid emulsion; live prey enrichment

AuthorsViciano Elena, Monroig Oscar, Salvador Ana, Amat Jaume, Fiszman Susana, Navarro Juan Carlos
Publication date05/2015
Publication date online13/08/2013
ISSN 1355-557X

Aquaculture Research: Volume 46, Issue 5

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