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The 'YY' supermale in Oreochromis niloticus (L.) and its potential in aquaculture

Scott AG, Penman D, Beardmore JA & Skibinski DOF (1989) The 'YY' supermale in Oreochromis niloticus (L.) and its potential in aquaculture, Aquaculture, 78 (3-4), pp. 237-251.

A male Oreochromis niloticus obtained by gynogenesis was found to sire 100% male progenies consistently when crossed with normal females. Evidence suggests that this fish is a ‘YY' supermale and that its mother was spontaneously sex reversd (XY). Hormone treatment of normal fry followed by progeny testing was used to generate sex-reversed male and female O. niloticus. Intercrosses among these sex-reversed fish, normal males and females, and the supermale result in progeny sex ratios which are consistent with a monofactorial system of sex determination in O. niloticus where males are XY and females XX. However, some exceptional results were obtained suggesting the existence of minor sex-ratio modifying factors. It is shown experimentally that YY males can be used to study sex reversal to female in this species without the need for progeny testing. A programme for the commercial production and maintenance of YY broodstock and its use for the generation of monosex male progenies in aquaculture is discussed.

AuthorsScott Alan G, Penman David, Beardmore John A, Skibinski David O F
Publication date06/1989
ISSN 0044-8486

Aquaculture: Volume 78, Issue 3-4 (JUN 1989)

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