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Importance of Carp Genetic Resources

Gupta MV, Dey MM & Penman D (2005) Importance of Carp Genetic Resources. In: Penman DJ, Gupta MV, Dey MM (ed.). Carp genetic resources for aquaculture in Asia. WorldFish Center Technical Report, 65, Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish Center, pp. 1-5.

First paragraph: Fish and fisheries play an important role in the economies of developing countries, contributing to animal protein intake, employment generation, household incomes and foreign exchange earnings. Surveys conducted by the WorldFish Center and FAO show that fish has become an increasingly important source of protein over the last decade in most of the developing countries. Countries with low per capita gross domestic product tend to have a higher share of fish protein in their animal protein consumption (Kent 1997). Studies indicated that demand for fish increases as expenditure/income rises and that higher income groups tend to consume more fish than lower income groups. However, the share of fish (as protein) and the share of fish to the total food expenditure are higher among lower income groups, suggesting that lower income groups are the most dependent on fish (Dey et al. 2004; FAO 1999a; Dey 2000; Dey et al. 2000a; ICLARM 2000). This result is also consistent with the generalization that although less developed countries are not the biggest consumers of fish, they are the most dependent on aquatic resources (FAO 1993; Kent 1997; FAO 1999b), indicating the importance of fish as a primary source of protein among relatively poorer households in these countries. No wonder it is regarded as "poor man's protein" (Williams 1996).

EditorPenman DJ, Gupta MV, Dey MM
AuthorsGupta Modadugu V, Dey Madan M, Penman David
Title of seriesWorldFish Center Technical Report
Number in series65
Publication date2005
PublisherWorldFish Center
Place of publicationPenang, Malaysia
ISBN 983-2346-35-5
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