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Il Verde e il Nero: La Giustizia Ambientale Nella Lotta Contro L'Apartheid in Sud Africa

Alternative title Locating environmental justice in the internal anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, c.1970s-1994

Steyn P (2013) Il Verde e il Nero: La Giustizia Ambientale Nella Lotta Contro L'Apartheid in Sud Africa, Zapruder (30), pp. 52-65.

This article forms part of a wider long-term research project that focus on environment in the apartheid era in South Africa (1948-1994). The research involves various different strands which each has its own aim and includes producing a detailed analysis of both governmental and non-governmental environmental governance during this period; determining the direct and indirect environmental impacts of uncontrolled economic growth, and the environmental toll of apartheid policies in homelands and black townships; investigating the environmental impact of militarisation and the numerous South African military endeavours in the Southern Africa region in the 1970s and 1980s; detailing and evaluating the quality and quantity of "khaki" (i.e. military) conservation, and writing the history of environmental concern and activism within the anti-apartheid movement. The research is guided by the belief that looking at the apartheid-era through the lens of the environment enables researchers to uncover many unexplored injustices associated with this specific political system. In addition, this research adds to the developing literature and understanding of the environmental toll of repressive governance on a more general level.

South Africa; apartheid; anti-apartheid movement; environmental justice; ANC; PAC; Azapo; National Environmental Awareness Campaign

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Environmental justice South Africa

AuthorsSteyn Phia
Publication date01/2013
ISSN 1723-0020

Zapruder, Issue 30

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