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Sampling and analysis of water from Loch Merkland 2018

Funded by Migdale Smolt Ltd.

Sampling and analysis of water from Loch Merkland. • Water samples will be collected once between 1 June and 30 July 2018 (dates to be confirmed) from three locations/two depths (0 m and 5 m) at all sites • Each water sample will be analysed for Total Phosphorus and Chlorophyll-a levels using recognized, standard methods. • A single final written report will be submitted to the customer by 30 September 2018. Note price is exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the standard rate at the time of invoice, if applicable. Travel and subsistence are included (see Loch Shin proposal) These do not include any obligation on the University or the Consultant to direct or conduct research for the Client.

Total award value £627.07


Professor Trevor Telfer
Professor Trevor Telfer

Professor, Aquaculture

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