Biodiversity Governance Network

Funded by European Commission (Horizon 2020).

This network seeks to generate synergy effects from improved collaboration among researchers from different universities and disciplines (including environmental sciences, law, politics, etc), research institutes and practitioners from civil society organizations working in the field of biodiversity governance. The biodiversity governance network will contribute to knowledge creation primarily through enhanced networking opportunities, short-term scientific missions (STSMs) and workshops. By bringing together academics and practitioners, we will foster scientific collaboration across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. Transfer of knowledge will take place via one or more summer schools. The summer school(s) will be targeted towards early career researchers and doctoral students and will offer modules taught by world-leading researchers in biodiversity governance. Due to its novelty, the summer school(s) will constitute an innovative element in European higher education on environment and sustainability. The objective of the summer school is to bring together and train the next generation of biodiversity governance researchers that feel comfortable working in interdisciplinary contexts and further developing knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective.
STSMs will lead to knowledge creation as scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, including natural and social sciences, can come together and discuss biodiversity issues in-depth. Thus, researchers will learn about different approaches in another discipline. By developing a common language and integrating various disciplinary perspectives, STSMs will contribute substantially to the creation of new transdisciplinary knowledge.
STSMs, workshops and summer school(s) will also contribute to career development among early career researchers by providing them with better networking opportunities. The Action will also contribute towards the greater integration of early career researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds that, at present, lack an overarching professional network at the European level.

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Dr Andrea Schapper
Dr Andrea Schapper

Senior Lecturer, Politics