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Tobacco, Alcohol & Substance Use

Tobacco causes immense damage to our society. One in two of those smokers who persist with the habit die as a result. In the UK alone this amounts to more than six million deaths since the early 1950s, when the health consequences were first properly understood. Despite this toll, smoking is still remarkably prevalent. In the UK, for instance, over a quarter of the population continue to smoke, and this proportion rises to three quarters in our poorest communities.

This group brings together researchers with expertise in public health, policy evaluation and social marketing to address some of the most preventable causes of ill health and death. Members of the research group work closely with practitioners and the Scottish and UK governments to develop a research programme that is directly relevant to policy and practice.

Major projects include:

  • the national evaluation of Scottish legislation to ban tobacco advertising at point of sale;
  • an evaluation of the impact of anti-tobacco mass media campaigns on attitudes, smoking behaviour and health outcomes;
  • a three-year evaluation of long term outcomes of NHS Stop Smoking Services.

Members of the group are also part of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies - a UKCRC Public Health Research Centre of Excellence (new UKCTAS website under development).

Tobacco, Alcohol & Substance Use is part of:


Professor Linda Bauld
Professor Linda Bauld

Professor of Health Policy, Institute for Social Marketing

Anne Marie MacKintosh AM
Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Marketing

Ms Lesley Sinclair
Ms Lesley Sinclair

Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing

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