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University of Stirling


Research area

Environmental and Energy Economics

  • environmental cost-benefit analysis, including revealed and stated preference methods
  • economics of renewable energy
  • technological change and climate policy
  • pollution taxes and tradeable permits
  • the economics of sustainable development
  • economics of non-point source pollution control
  • climate change impacts
  • economics of the Water Framework Directive
  • well-being and the environment
  • carbon and resource accounting
  • rebound effects from increased efficiency in energy use
  • general equilibrium analyses of economic and environmental impacts of changes in activity
  • determinants of household energy choices

Environmental and Energy Economics is part of:


Dr Danny Campbell
Dr Danny Campbell

Senior Lecturer, Economics

Professor Frans de Vries
Professor Frans de Vries

Professor, Economics

Dr Mirko Moro
Dr Mirko Moro

Senior Lecturer, Economics

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