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Human Security and European Neighbourhood Studies

The Centre for Human Security and European Neighbourhood Studies was established in 2006 as a research institution focussing on a critical appraisal of issues regarding Human Security within a European context. The Centre explores the manner in which perceptions of threats to human security shape the political agendas at both national and EU level and structure the relationship between Europe and its neighbours. Through its research projects the Centre aims to shed light on the relationship between recent academic debates over the concept of human security and long-standing concerns for human rights. It seeks to evaluate the extent to which a focus on the concept of human security signals a move away from 'hard' to ‘soft' politics. In this context, work within the centre focuses on a range of issues which have recently become associated with human security, including human rights, transition/procedural justice and inequality (gender, socio-economic and health). Such issues are examined within the fields of immigration, trade and aid, and environmental and energy policies.

The Centre also focuses on the politics, international relations and modern history of the countries and regions in the immediate neighborhood of the European Union. Research within the centre includes:

  • Southeast Europe: comprising the following countries: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria;
  • The Post-Soviet Space: comprising the post-Soviet states that are not members of the European Union - primarily Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Central Asian states, as well as the Caucasus;
  • The Post-Ottoman Space: comprising the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, Northeast Africa and the Greater Middle East.

The research conducted within the Centre has clear historical parameters: from the second half of the nineteenth century to the present. In addition, the CENS is focussed on issues of the EU enlargement to Southeast Europe and post-Soviet space, as well as on relationship between the EU and its neighbours.

Human Security and European Neighbourhood Studies is part of:


Dr Andrea Baumeister
Dr Andrea Baumeister

Senior Lecturer, Politics

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