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University of Stirling


Research area

Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Health

The work of this group focuses on the use of epidemiological data – particularly secondary data – to evaluate strategies to prevent illness and to guide the management of patients with disease.

Recent projects include:

Self-monitoring behaviour in type 2 diabetes;

Health after a diagnosis of cancer;

Anticipatory care and institutionalization; and

Routes to diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and outcomes

Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety is also a particular focus of this group, especially in the industrial and agricultural sectors. The group is multi-disciplinary and combines conventional epidemiological approaches with innovative research methodologies such as risk mapping, lay and community epidemiology, and participatory research methods. Topics including: pesticides; industrial carcinogens; air pollution; food pollution; environmental health.

Our research aims to develop the evidence base available to health care workers and policy makers. Through active engagement with these groups, our research has a direct impact on health policy and practice.

Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Health is part of:


Dr Josie Evans
Dr Josie Evans

Reader, Health Sciences

Professor Sally Haw
Professor Sally Haw

Professor of Public & Population Health, Health Sciences

Professor Pat Hoddinott
Professor Pat Hoddinott

Chair in Primary Care,

Professor Andrew Watterson
Professor Andrew Watterson

Professor of Health Effectiveness, Health Sciences

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