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Social Surveys and Social Statistics

The research focus of this group is the analysis of social survey datasets. There is an emphasis on detailed empirical research that is theoretically informed. Members of the group employ rigorous social science methods of data analysis in the pursuit of internationally excellent social science outputs. There is a broad spectrum of substantive social science topics and issues currently under investigation for example social stratification, ethnicity, social identity, citizenship, social capital, social networks, housing and social inclusions and exclusion.

There is also a strong methodological strand within the group. The major emphasis is on the application and interpretation of statistical models. A particular focus is work relating to issues surrounding the data management of large and complex social datasets.

Social Surveys and Social Statistics is part of:


Professor Isobel Anderson
Professor Isobel Anderson Professor Housing Studies
Miss Camilla Barnett
Miss Camilla Barnett Research Assistant Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Professor David Bell
Professor David Bell Professor Economics
Dr Catherine Best
Dr Catherine Best Lecturer Statistician Institute for Social Marketing
Professor Alison Bowes
Professor Alison Bowes Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences
Miss Feifei Bu
Miss Feifei Bu Research Fellow Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Dr Pete Coffee
Dr Pete Coffee Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology Sport
Dr Alison Dawson
Dr Alison Dawson Research Fellow II Faculty of Social Sciences
Ms Fiona Dobbie
Ms Fiona Dobbie Research Fellow Institute for Social Marketing
Jennifer Ferguson
Jennifer Ferguson PhD Researcher Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Dr Corinne Greasley-Adams
Dr Corinne Greasley-Adams Research Fellow Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr Dave Griffiths
Dr Dave Griffiths Lecturer in Quantitative Methods Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Paul Henery
Paul Henery PhD Researcher Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Miss Jade Hooper
Miss Jade Hooper Research Assistant Social Work
Professor Paul Lambert
Professor Paul Lambert Professor Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Miss Elizabeth Lemmon
Miss Elizabeth Lemmon Research Assistant Economics
Professor Margaret Maxwell
Professor Margaret Maxwell Director of NMAHP Research Unit NMAHP Research
Mr Diarmuid McDonnell
Mr Diarmuid McDonnell Research Assistant Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Professor Ronald McQuaid
Professor Ronald McQuaid Professor of Work and Employment Management Work and Organisation
Kane Needham
Kane Needham PhD Researcher Social Work
Nur Azam Perai
Nur Azam Perai Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Dr Steve Rolfe
Dr Steve Rolfe Research Fellow Housing Studies
Dr Alasdair C Rutherford
Dr Alasdair C Rutherford Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Dr Marina Shapira
Dr Marina Shapira Lecturer in Quantitative Methods Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Richard Simmons RS
Mr Richard Simmons Senior Lecturer Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Dr Isaac T. Tabner
Dr Isaac T. Tabner Senior Lecturer in Finance Accounting and Finance
Dr Morag C Treanor
Dr Morag C Treanor Senior Lecturer Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Tom Wallace
Tom Wallace PhD Researcher Sociology/Social Pol&Criminology
Ashleigh Ward AW
Ms Ashleigh Ward Lecturer Health Sciences
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