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Within this section of the website, you will find information about how you could work with the University of Stirling whether as a client, a research partner, a collaborator or as part of a knowledge transfer partnership. The University thrives on working with others so, whatever your interests, please get in touch.

The University works in partnership with businesses on a wide range of activities. Stirling's researchers often work best by coming into your business as consultants. Businesses throughout the world benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of our research. Find out more.

As consultants, researchers can:

  • Provide specialist direction to new business activities
  • Act as impartial, "arms-length" advisers to business projects
  • Take on fully fledged project team roles

Our researchers bring the latest findings in their field to add to your own expertise. Many companies find that working with a research consultant brings many additional benefits, including access to global networks of related academics and professionals.  The University may, in some cases, be able to draw on additional sources of funding in order to commit extra time and resources to meeting your business needs.

Dementia Services Development Centre

The centre provides specialist expertise on planning of companies' physical spaces and services in a dementia-friendly way. View their webpages.


Access the facilities and knowledge of the Institute of Aquaculture to support your business development.  View their consultancy webpages here.

Hint: you can browse our Expertise Register to find a researcher working in your area of interest.

We can help you on short pieces of contract research through to a long-term R&D project. Working with our Researchers can provide you with access to the latest developments in the field, our state-of-the-art facilities and worldwide networks of related professionals.

We aim to develop our Research & Development activities into long-term, mutual collaborations. These provide you with more useful research outputs, and our staff and students with more stimulating research opportunities.

What we can do for you will depend on a variety of factors:

  • your needs
  • how our expertise matches those needs
  • the availability of funding, both from your organisation and from external funding sources (such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (, SMART: Scotland Awards (, Collaborative R&D funds and Industrial Studentships).

Hint: you can browse our Expertise Register to find a researcher working in your area of interest.

Employers today see the education and development of staff as a key priority. They undertake development in order to inform staff of new practices or legislation, to promote career development or to boost the skills and effectiveness of a workforce. Find out more.

We can provide scheduled or bespoke short courses that suit your needs, putting our world-class expertise and facilities to the best possible use for your business. We can also provide accredited programmes to a wide range of employers and professional staff throughout the UK, and many of our courses can also be offered via distance learning.

Stirling has a great deal of expertise in meeting the varied and ever-changing needs of the workplace, in particular for staff in the fields of:

  • Health
  • Social Services / Social Care
  • Education

To see examples of the kinds of courses we offer, please browse using the following links: Health Sciences, Dementia Services Development Centre, and Social Sciences

Hint: you can browse our Expertise Register to find a researcher working in your area of interest.

Our research can produce results that may be of benefit to the wider community.  When this happens, the University will explore possible markets and the best way to reach them by “commercialising” the results, or “Intellectual Property” (IP).  Find out more here.

The University commercialises its IP in a variety of ways that you might find interesting, including:

  • Providing services (such as hiring out lab space and doing in-house tests)
  • Forming alliances with industrial collaborators
  • Licensing products
  • Setting up spin-out companies

Stirling currently has several spin-out companies, including:

Hint: you can browse our Expertise Register to find a researcher working in your area of interest.

We use the term Knowledge Exchange (or ‘KE’) to describe a range of activities that communicate the results of research. This page presents several examples of these elsewhere, including; commercialisation, short courses and consultancy.  

At Stirling, we design our KE activities to meet the needs of those who need to use our knowledge. For example:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) receive part funding and help you, the company, to increase your profitability and productivity. You will take on a recent Stirling graduate on placement and receive ongoing support from a Stirling academic. These work together to help you solve a problem or challenge of your choosing. For further information see the KTP centre webpage and see further resources here.
  • Public engagement makes the results of research accessible to the public. This is an exciting challenge for researchers. Researchers use a variety of means to ensure that as many people as possible are told about, and inspired by, our work.
  • Conferences gather together interested parties to share developments in a particular field and communicate research results. Our researchers have experience in both organising and presenting at conferences. They regularly host events with, and on behalf of, other organisations. Stirling also offers excellent conference facilities which can comfortably meet the needs of most groups.

Hint:  you can browse our Expertise Register to find a researcher working in your area of interest.

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For further information on working with the University of Stirling and the services we have to offer, please contact Research & Innovation Services.

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