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Tuition Fee Policy

University Policy on Reduction of Tuition Fee Liability and Refunds for students who withdraw, suspend or discontinue their studies .

Effective from Academic Session 2014-15

This revised policy will be implemented on a “no detriment” basis. Students sign up to the University terms and conditions, which are subject to change, but if the prior policy is deemed more financially advantageous to continuing students then it may be applied. See also Tuition Fees Refund Policy prior to 2014-15 if applicable.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on when refunds of tuition fees will be made by the University and how they will be calculated. This policy relates to the portion of the tuition fee that is paid directly by the student or by a private sponsor.

1.1 Any refund of tuition fees and or reduction in tuition fee liability is at the discretion of the University of Stirling.

1.2 The University will apply the following rules when calculating fee liability for students who withdraw, suspend or discontinue their studies at the University:

Programmes of study invoiced on an annual basis

Within the first two weeks of the official start date of the programme

10% of annual tuition fee is due

After the first two weeks and before the start of the second semester

60% of annual tuition fee is due


100% of annual tuition fee due

Programmes of study invoiced on a modular basis

Within the first two weeks of the official start date of the module

10% of module fee is due


100% of module fee due

Students on Integrated Degree Programmes are subject to the Forth Valley College tuition fee refund policy in years 1 and 2.

1.3 In the case of students who have left their programme of study refunds will only be made when the University's student withdrawal procedure has been correctly followed and the student is recorded as withdrawn in the University student records system. Details of procedures to be followed for withdrawing, suspending or discontinuing studies can be found here.

1.4 Sponsored students - In the event of a student's loan provider or sponsor failing to make payment in respect of the tuition fees, the student will be held personally liable for the payment. This includes students funded by the Student Awards Agency of Scotland and any English, Welsh or Northern Irish students who elect to take a tuition fee loan.

1.5 Where tuition fees are wholly or partially paid by a third party, the refund rules will be superseded by any relevant arrangement agreed by the University, concerning the student and the third party.

1.6 All refunds will only be made to the bank and account holder (or other financial institution) that originally paid the fee. Refunds are not made in cash.

1.7 Where a student undertakes an approved temporary suspension (leave of absence) of their studies, tuition fees already paid will not normally be refunded but retained until studies are resumed or permanent withdrawal occurs. Students who suspend their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees which may be due at the point of suspension.

1.8 Consideration may be given to making refunds to students who have to withdraw due to exceptional mitigating circumstances. The University shall consider each case on merit. Such cases must be submitted in writing to the Tuition Fees Office, 2Z Office ,Cottrell Building, Stirling FK9 4LA . Academic and financial difficulties are not normally regarded as acceptable reasons for any refund or reduction in fee liability.

1.9 Complaints about refund decisions should be put in writing and addressed to the Academic Registrar.

Payment of refunds

  • We aim to process refunds within 3 weeks of your request. Please note at busy periods this may take longer.
  • All refunds will be calculated in UK Sterling. The University will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.
  • Where payment of tuition fees was split between more than one payee, any refund due will be made in proportion to the original split.
  • All refunds will be paid to the original payee.

This policy does not cover the following:

  • Non-refundable tuition fee deposits.
  • Accommodation fees. For information on these please contact Accommodation
  • Field trips - please contact your Department

Further Information:

If you require any further information regarding tuition fee refunds please e-mail the Tuition Fees Section. To help us deal with your enquiry please quote your student number in your e-mail.

SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant

We would advise that you should review the details of the HE Part-time fee grant which have been published on the SAAS website located on the following web page - http://www.saas.gov.uk/part_time/ug/index.htm and check your eligibility to apply for Part-time fee grant funding from SAAS.

 Should you have any further queries regarding the content of this email, please contact Fees Section by emailing smro.tuitionfees@stir.ac.uk .

Student Loans

Please note that a delay in enrolling could lead to a delay in the receipt of your student loan payment.

Once enrolment is fully completed notification of attendance is sent electronically to the Student Loans Company each day at 3:00pm.

The Student Loans Company will usually pay your loan into your bank account by electronic cash transfer (BACS) on the first day of semester as long as you have completed enrolment 3-4 working days prior to this. If you enrol after the start of semester then they will usually pay your loan into your bank account within 3-4 working days of your enrolment . You must have completed online Administrative Enrolment and be in attendance for any payment to be made. New students should enrol online and collect your ID card which will trigger your confirmation of attendance at the University. Continuing students are advised to ensure they complete online enrolment in order for attendance to be confirmed and the SLC payments to be released.

2017/18 Payment Dates

  • Scottish domiciled students

For students commencing a programme of study in September 2017, your loan payments will be made monthly.

  • Non-Scottish domiciled students

If you are a non-Scottish domiciled student commencing a programme of study in September 2017 you will receive your loan on the following dates:

First Payment*

11 September 2017

Second Payment 31 October 2017
Third Payment 15 January 2018

If you are a non-Scottish domiciled student commencing a programme of study in January 2018 you will receive your loan on the following dates:

First Payment*

15 January 2018

Second Payment 27 February 2018

*(only if you have enrolled and collected your ID card at least 4 working days prior to the semester start date, otherwise it will be 3 to 4 working days after you enrol).

Information for Health Sciences Students

  • Scottish domiciled students

For questions concerning SAAS and your nursing bursary please contact the Student Support Office in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport (Stirling Campus), Student Services (Highland Campus) or Student Services (Western Isles Campus). Please note that students are only eligible to apply for a SAAS bursary and cannot apply for a student loan from Student Finance.

  • RUK students in receipt of SLC funding

If you have any questions regarding your student loan please contact the Student Enrolment, Data and Fees Team.

Payment Schedule

Please note that the University does not require your Payment Schedule as part of the enrolment process.

If you have any questions regarding your student record please contact the Student Enrolment, Data and Fees Team.

SAAS Postgraduate Loans

From 2017-2018, eligible postgraduate students can also apply for a living-cost loan.

Value Tuition fee loan: £5,500 (full-time), £2,750 for a maximum of two years (part-time). Living cost loan: £4,500 (full-time only)
Deadline Applications open mid-April - please apply before 30 June 2017 to ensure that your support package is in place prior to you enrolling. SAAS will however accept applications until early in 2018.

For more information, please see our Scholarship Page.

Sponsor Form

To notify the University of who is paying your fees please complete the online sponsor form:


Your sponsor will then be invoiced in due course. Please note that there may be a delay of 24 hours (or longer at the weekend) to update the supplied information and you will not be able to continue with Administrative Enrolment until these updates have been completed.

Financial Advice

The Student Money Advice Team is a service for all students who are struggling financially or who are in need of some advice. They are based in 4Y4 Cottrell and can be contacted by emailing studentmoney@stir.ac.uk.

See the Student Money Advice website for more information.

Useful Links and Addresses

Student Loans Company

100 Bothwell Street
G2 7JD

Tel: 0800 405 010

Fax: 0141 306 2005

Web: www.slc.co.uk

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)


Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3UT

Tel: 0131 576 8212

Fax: 0131 224 5887

Web: http://www.saas.gov.uk/index.htm

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